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Stapleford Singing

Stapleford Baptist Church, Stapleford, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 9, 2019

The annual Stapleford All-Day Singing was held at Stapleford Baptist Church, Stapleford, Nottingham, United Kingdom, on Saturday before the second Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Helen Brown leading 313t. Joe Vickers offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Joe Vickers 30t (CB); Chris Brown 28t; Rosalind Oldham 66; Ian West 54t (CB); Hannah Land 515 (CB); Ted Brown 101t (CB); Julie Russell 344; Michael Walker 93; Matthew Parkinson 92; Richard Mayers 176t (CB); Calum Woods 271b (CB); Sheila Girling Macadam 271t; Toby Goss 276 (CB); Edwin Macadam 352; Joe Vickers 137 (CB); Rosalind Oldham and Daniel Oldham 573 (CB); Chris Brown 505 (CB).


Hannah Land reconvened the class leading 52t. Leaders: Judy Whiting 222; Helen Brown 217 (for Kathy Williams and Aldo Ceresa); Toby Goss 142; Sheila Girling Macadam 284; Joshua Lant 567 (CB); Calum Woods 507b (CB).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Anne Hayto. The following sick and housebound were named and remembered: John Hopkinson, Sonny Erwin, Curtis Owen, Melanie Hauff, Cath Saunt, Margaret Gregory, Olivia Powell, Kevin Powell, David Elliott, Bill Hilton, Kathy Williams, Catherine Brocklehurst, and Olivia Brocklehurst. The following deceased were named, remembered, and honoured: Bill Steel, Carolyn Williams, Eugene Forbes, Paul Wilson, John Stonnel, Charlene Wallace, Sean Jennings, Karen Yolton, Carol Barlow, Stuart Russell, Anne Joel, Ray Stickley, Pat Stickley, William Girling, Roger Bullen, and Maureen Carty. Anne Hayto and Ian West led 225t for those named, and Anne closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Edwin Macadam 523; Michael Walker 464; Matthew Parkinson 36b; Judy Whiting 72b; Richard Mayers 455; Joshua Lant 416t (CB); Ted Brown 397 (CB); Hannah Land 207; Joe Vickers 147b; Rosalind Oldham 480; Ian West 268b (CB); Toby Goss 348t. Grace for the midday meal was offered by Calum Woods.


The singing was reconvened by Richard Mayers leading 112. Leaders: Judy Whiting 150; Joshua Lant 98 (CB); Sheila Girling Macadam 474; Chris Brown 216; Michael Walker 426b; Matthew Parkinson 189; Helen Brown 430; Calum Woods 498; Nigel Bowley 292; Edwin Macadam 192; Hannah Land 234; Ted Brown 378t (CB); Brenda Harvey 99; Toby Goss 196; Joe Vickers 510 (CB); Ian West 475; Judy Whiting 43; Richard Mayers 504; Joshua Lant 594 (CB); Nigel Bowley 279.


Calum Woods brought the class back together by leading 511b (CB). Leaders: Nigel Bowley 54; Michael Walker 111b (CB); Brenda Harvey 497; Edwin Macadam 499; Matthew Parkinson 123t; Ted Brown 100 (CB); Richard Mayers 32b; Sheila Girling Macadam 278b; Joshua Lant 150 (CB); Toby Goss 29b; Joe Vickers 336t (CB); Brenda Harvey 29t; Hannah Land 465 (CB); Ian West 392 (CB); Nigel Bowley 201; Calum Woods 422t (CB).

Helen Brown led 521 as the closing song, and Michael Walker dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Helen Brown; Vice Chairman—Ted Brown; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders