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London Double All-Day Singing

London, United Kingdom

October 26-27, 2019

Saturday, October 26

The 12th annual London Sacred Harp All-Day Singing was held at Highgate United Reformed Church on the last Saturday in October. The class was called to order by Diane Heywood leading 82t. Maggie Eiseman-Renyard offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Robin Bisson 36b; Teresa Maguire 48t; George Simms 187; Marjorie Brown 171; Andrew Clark 47t; Joss Tait 275t; Carey Smith and Joyce Smith 499; Stacy Hackner 481; Machna Nowak 425; Jan Lawrence 314; Seth Dickens 556; Rosa Price 335; Emily Spademan 477; Johannes Sauer 544; Mary Hodgkins 350; Greg Carson 313b; Tom Sprackland 179.


The second session was called to order by Emily Spademan leading 113. Leaders: Toby Goss 344; Brenda Harvey 324; Joy Spreadborough 68b; Thomas Greig 86; Y-Lynn Ong and Lim Shu Ning 110; Guy Hayes 61; Susanne Rolli 467; Alec Williams 216; Paul Zaba 448t; Nigel Bowley 439; Piers Blewett 168; Bridget McVennon-Morgan 316; Jacqui Knowles 117; Helen Peake 569b; Colleen Jones 550; Derek Buckland 296; Lim Shu Ning 157; Joshua Lant 224; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 107.

Werner Ullah read the following names of the sick and housebound: Helen Bushell, Stella Lawrence, Rita Drayson, Carol Aitken, David Sillito, Liliana Sillito, Roy McGregor, Corrone Bryant, Ruth Anne Bryant, Rob Burbea, Laurie Alan, Justine Stairmand, Cath Saunt, Sheila Chaffer, Archie Fergerson, and Pete Dickens. He led 448b.

The following list of names of the deceased was read by Nigel Bowley: Carole Satyamurti—London; Adrian Hilton—Waltham Cross; Carol Barlow—Eynsham; Barnaby Evershed—Shrewsbury; David Hird—Swansea; Maureen Carty and Geraldine Burne—Dublin; Martha Brett—Sunningdale; Heidi Reddaway—Devon; Paul Simmonds—Lewes; Susan Carr and Heather Simms—Leeds; Jeff Stote—Candy; Siân Dawson—Fife; Hugues Albanel—France; Wilfred Huels—Germany; Leslie Fairbrother and Ken Finney—Warrington; Malcolm—Margate; Roberto Cavallar and Irene Antolini—Italy; Carole Chapman, Mildred Patterson, and Charlene Wallace—Georgia; Rozlyn Greene—Alabama; Karl Walbrecht—Virginia; Jimmy Eiseman—New York; Marlene Spector Levine and Richard Levine—New Jersey. The memorial lesson was given by Jan Lawrence who finished by leading 512.

Leaders: William Cleary 77b; Jacoba Bruneel 142; Meg Winter 72b; Laurie Burk 315; Nick Hall 546. Grace was offered by Amy Cutts.


The class was recalled by Inga Huebner leading 105. Leaders: Nigel Bowley 517; Erin Johnson-Williams 290; Colin Monson 173; Calum Woods 283; Sara Sandberg 101t; Steve Brett 442; Rachel Jordan 377; Ed Johnson-Williams 419; Caro Stamm-Reusch 328; Michael Walker 447; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 81t; Barry Parsons 422; William Cleary 434; Toni Knetz 93; Matthew Parkinson 486; Robin Bisson 31t; Joshua Lant 426b; Laurie Burk 547; Nick Hall 455.


The class was recalled for the final session by Seth Dickens leading 497. Leaders: Colleen Jones 436; Duane Nasis 227; Joyce Smith 69t; Inga Huebner 310; Arthur Swindells 99; Werner Ullah and Michael Walker 538; Hyke Sakaras 317; Cha and George Simms 320; Sam Fairbrother 282; Amy Cutts 535; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 496; Michael Walker 146; Caro Stamm-Reusch 528; Lim Shu Ning 435; Sara Sandberg 472. Amy Cutts offered the closing prayer, and Robin Bisson dismissed the class leading 62.

Chairman—Diane Heywood; Vice Chairman—Robin Bisson; Secretary—Joss Tait

Sunday, October 27

The 7th annual London All-Day Christian Harmony Singing was held at St Mary’s, Primrose Hill.

The class was called to order by Robin Bisson leading 61t (CH). Leaders: Michael Walker 455b (CH); Caro Stamm-Reusch 262 (CH); Steve Brett 258 (CH); Tom Sprackland 548 (CH); Emily Spademan 70b (CH); Stacy Hackner 138 (CH); Joshua Lant 74 (CH); Bridget McVennon-Morgan 121t (CH); Joyce Smith 245 (CH); Leilai Immel-Parkinson 16 (CH); Werner Ullah 281b (CH); Johannes Sauer 9 (CH); Greg Carson 346 (CH); George Simms 465t (CH); Derek Buckland 117 (CH); Nigel Bowley 342 (CH); Alec Williams 91 (CH); Phil Price 179 (CH); William Cleary 459b (CH); Lim Shu Ning 261t (CH); Ed Johnson-Williams 546b (CH).


The class was recalled by Brenda Harvey leading 359 (CH). Leaders: Teresa Maguire 13 (CH); Marjorie Brown 64 (CH); Susanne Rolli 26b (CH); Julie Russel 293 (CH); Catherine Roberts 459t (CH); Laurie Burk 242 (CH); Joss Tait 299 (CH); Andrew Clark 228 (CH); Brenda Harvey 79 (CH); Calum Woods 54 (CH); Amy Cutts 82b (CH) (for the recovery of Sarah Hall); Hyke Sakaras 260t (CH); Jacoba Bruneel 244t (CH); Matthew Parkinson 193 (CH); Emily Spademan 295 (CH); Joshua Lant 192 (CH); Jacoba Bruneel 268 (CH); Bridget McVennon-Morgan 354 (CH); Tom Sprackland 372 (CH); Michael Walker 533 (CH); Caro Stamm-Reusch 205 (CH); Joyce Smith 291 (CH); Steve Brett 168b (CH).


The class was recalled by Alec Williams leading 184 (CH). Leaders: Machna Nowak 139 (CH); Amy Cutts 492t (CH); Elizabeth Lobel 343 (CH); Andrew Clark 111b (CH); Leilai Immel-Parkinson 65 (CH); Paul Zaba 146b (CH); Werner Ullah 417b (CH); Matthew Parkinson 167b (CH); George Simms 332 (CH); William Cleary 544 (CH); Greg Carson 144t (CH); Derek Buckland 319 (CH); Phil Price 418t (CH); Johannes Sauer 8 (CH); Joss Tait 336t (CH); Marjorie Brown 432t (CH); Laurie Burk 294 (CH); Stacy Hackner 55b (CH); Julie Russel 458 (CH); Diane Heywood 109 (CH); Catherine Roberts 163b (CH); Teresa Maguire 419t (CH); Duane Nasis 411 (CH); Erin Johnson-Williams 282 (CH); Hyke Sakaras 421b (CH). Michael Walker led 203 (CH) and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Robin Bisson; Secretary—Joss Tait