Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cape Meares Sacred Harp Singing

Cape Meares Community Center, Cape Meares, Oregon

Saturday, September 7, 2019

The 10th annual Cape Meares All-Day Singing was called to order on Saturday following Labor Day by Betsy Jeronen leading 448b. Kate Fine offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held, and the following officers were named: Chairman—Betsy Jeronen; Treasurer—Linda Berkemeier: Secretary—Nancy Novotny.

Leaders: Peter Schinske 48t; Hannah Field 133; Laura McMurray 32b; Melissa Stephenson 56b; Dorothy Robinson 77t; Ben Brown 186; Bonnie Stimler 45t; Steve Tarr 201; Kate Fine 224; Lyle Lindsey 84; Dorothy Mitchell 217; Craig Wiley 229; Mary Rose O’Reilley 500; Linda Berkemeier 31b; Rodman Campbell 67.


The class was called back to order by Nancy Novotny leading 72b. Leaders: Ana Tighe 560; Bob Schinske 436; Julius Pasay 192; Nell Whitman 300; John Berendzen 95; Clarissa Fetrow 329; Erik Schwab 94; Mark Miller 269; Kathy Vlach 565; Thom Fahrbach 377; Jane Cannon 456; Karen Willard 473; Kevin Barrans 303; Robin Fox and Mary Rose O’Reilley 203; Jennifer Jones 475; Steve Cackley 88b; Carolyn Deacy 91; Chris Noren 236; Jen Rymut 511.


The class was called back to order by Kim Lusk and Marie Brandis leading 29t. Leaders: Dan Thoma, Martin Heinemann, and Julia Hertenstein 350; Lindy Groening 397; Gillian Inksetter 172; Pat Coghlan 214; Kate Coxon 396; Ruth Linehan 215; Gary Plouff 328; Nancy Novotny 222; Hannah Field 547; Ben Brown 142; Dorothy Mitchell 313t; Rodman Campbell 416; Clarissa Fetrow 225t. Kate Fine offered the prayer before the noon meal.


The first afternoon session was brought to order by Betsy Jeronen leading 82t. Leaders: Bob Schinske 102; Carolyn Deacy 208; Chris Noren 49b; Gillian Inksetter 485; Ben Dair 30b; Mary Taylor-Glock 532; Jennifer Jones 200; Robin Fox 212; Lindy Groening 216; Erik Schwab 522; Jane Cannon 539; Mark Miller 266; Julius Pasay 61; Ana Tighe 454; Peter Schinske 228; Ruth Linehan 270; Laura McMurray 32t; Kevin Barrans 104; Kathy Vlach 362; Dan Thoma 31t; Melissa Stephenson 37b.


The class was called back to order by Thom Fahrbach leading 388. Leaders: Dorothy Robinson 506; Bradley Knoke 536; Rosie Sokolov 504; Craig Wiley 344; Pat Coghlan 218; Steve Tarr 277; Mary Rose O’Reilley 155; Kate Coxon 230; Nancy Novotny 326; John Berendzen 271t; Kate Fine 302; Karen Willard 503; Linda Berkemeier 56t; Steve Cackley 28t; Nell Whitman 52t; Jen Rymut and Jennifer Jones 69t.

The business meeting was reopened. The Treasurer reported that all expenses had been met. The Arranging Committee and Secretary reported a total of sixty-five attendees, forty-six leaders, and ninety songs sung. The Resolutions Committee thanked all who helped make the singing a success.

Betsy Jeronen led 36b as the closing song. Kate Fine offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Betsy Jeronen; Secretary—Nancy Novotny