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East Kentucky Singing

Calvary Campus, Letcher, Kentucky

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The 3rd annual East Kentucky All-Day Singing at Calvary Campus was held on the second Saturday in August. Zelma Forbes called the class to order after singing a lined-out version of “Precious Memories”. The morning prayer was offered by Joe Crouse.

Leaders: Paul Adams 569b; Ray Turner 276; Stephanie Devine 133; Ben Fink 36b; Zelma Forbes 457; Greta Turner 155; Zachary Davis 125; Mark Brinkman 313b; Mike Grimes 236; Joy Dunn 362; Tim Gregg and Jim Curley 68b; Vickie See and Billy See 480.


Paul Adams called the class back to order singing “Shall We Gather at the River”. Leaders: Tim Morton 425; Claire Outten 29t; Ed Walton 524; Tom Morton 209; Erin Fulton 275t; Kay Florence 47b; Gwen Johnson 159; Ray Rechenberg 148; Charles Coulson 344; Sarah Lynn Gershon 547; Ben Griffin 178; Allison Van Dorn 277; Gaea Singer 324; Daniel Williams 74t; Laura Densmore 522; David Carlton 421; Eleanor Haase 142.


Gwen Johnson and Zelma Forbes called the class back to order singing “When the Saints Go Marching In”. Leaders: Denise Morris 192; Will Gatewood 204; Stephanie Devine 486; Esther Williams 378b; Tim Gregg and Jim Curley 452; Guy Bankes 481; Barbara Hohenstein 507.


Ben Fink called the class back to order singing “Marching to Zion”. Leaders: Anita Landess 379; Zack Lindahl 181; Samuel Williams 163t; Hillevi Lasen 48t; Paul Wyatt 222; Ateven Snderson 272; David Carlton 538; Barbara Hohenstein 183; Ben Griffin 143; Denise Morris 99; Ray Rechenberg 145t; Erin Fulton 401; Will Gatewood 63; Guy Bankes 444; Sarah Lynn Gershon 30b; Allison Van Dorn 455; Zack Lindahl 278t; Samuel Williams 210.


Stephanie Devine called the class back to order singing “I’ll Fly Away”. Leaders: Gaea Singer 85; Hillevi Lasen 163b; Daniel Williams 499; Anita Landess 297; Ed Walton 268; Eleanor Haase 352; Paul Wyatt 330b; Ateven Snderson 284; Laura Densmore 549; Paul Adams 347; Kay Florence 273; Tim Gregg 369; Gwen Johnson 117; Ray Turner 39t; Tom Morton 294; Greta Combs 84. The officers of the singing led 527 (CB) as the closing song. Joseph Crouse offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Paul Adams; Vice Chairman—Joy Adams; Secretary—Stephanie Devine