Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing

Burritt Museum

May 13, 1995

The eleventh annual Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday, May 13th in the church building on the grounds of Burritt Museum and Park. Burritt Museum is located atop Monte Sano Mountain, the second highest elevation in Alabama. Alan Jones, Chairman, called the class to order leading songs on pages 59 and 87. J.L. Hopper led the morning prayer. The class organized by selecting the following officers: Pam Wilkerson, Vice Chairman; Teresa Ballinger, Secretary; Linton Ballinger and Lomax Ballinger, Arranging Committee. Pam Wilkerson, Vice Chairman, led song on page 203. Leaders: Lomax Ballinger 335; Doyce Bailey 49b; Jim Freyder 63; Amanda Ballinger 155; Gary Leopold 159; Estelle Napier 283; Dwain Ballinger 340; Paul Frederick 224; Amber Ballinger 400; Hershell King 235; Ruby Phillips 39b; Buck Hopper 186; Tina Leopold 128; Jimmy Ballinger 565; Flarce Creel 475; Sam Jones 179; Myra Dalton 268; Edwin Ballinger 270; Teresa Ballinger 300.


Alan Jones called the class together leading song on page 358. Leaders: Norm Howe 569b; Joan Aldridge 198; Virgil Phillips 34b; Judy Caudle 234; Leslie Ballinger 31b; Dave Ressler 36b; Jewel Wootten 299; Tim Reynolds 312b; Syble Adams 215; Jamie Dalton 383; Lora Cargo 497; Don Bowen 556b; Ann Jett 546; Coy Ivey 222; Frances Jones and David Ivey 361; Dan Hopper 301; Karen Isbell 142; Lavaughn Ballinger and B.J. Boyanton 101t; Sherry Guthery 58; Warren Steel 296; Linda Thomas 499; Freeman Wootten 49b; H.A. Godsey 45t.


The afternoon session was called together with Alan Jones leading song on page 79. Leaders: Carol Freyder 147t; Gravis Ballinger 384; Paula McGray 425; Mel Kersey and Marlon Wootten 99; Rhoda Norris 498; Darlene Dalton 163t; S.T. Reed 435; Ellene Stovall 436; J.L. Hopper 434; Judy Mincey 344; J.C. Rutledge “That Beautiful Land”; Karen Ivey 65; Earl Ballinger 176t; Edith Tate 157; Allison Ivey 40; Henry Guthery 532; Beth O’Dell 442; Marlon Wootten 30t; Richard and Stuart Ivey 567.


The class was called to order with Pam Wilkerson leading song on page 424. Leaders: David Ivey 200; Lydia Baswell, Vella Dailey, and Amy Pope 63, 164; Larry Ballinger 137; Norma Latham 418; Mark Carroll 37b; Ann Ballard 512; Buell Cobb 321; Colbie Allen 480; Wilda Holmes 295; Bill Shrader 72b; Arvid Holmes 460; Linton Ballinger 187, 97; David Ballinger 111b. Singers from the following states attended this singing: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Massachusetts, and Missouri. Following the announcements, Chairman Alan Jones led song on page 62, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Sam Jones.

The date of the annual Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing is moved to the Saturday before the first Sunday in May effective 1996. We invite everyone to join us for our 1996 singing on May 4th.

Chairman, Alan Jones; Vice Chairman Pam Wilkerson; Secretary, Teresa Ballinger.