Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Martha Harper Nix, Lewis Keeton, and Lavada McGough Gilmore Memorial

New Flatwoods Church - Nauvoo, Alabama - Walker County

March 1, 1998

The eighty-third annual Sacred Harp Memorial singing was called to order by Elder Ronald Gilmore leading songs on pages 42 and 36b. The morning prayer was led by A. C. McGough.

The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Tim Gilmore; Vice Chairman—John Hocutt; Secretary—Pam Keeton; Arranging Committee—Glenn Keeton and Joshua Keeton. Tim Gilmore made the motion to add his mother, Lavada McGough Gilmore, who passed away from this life on January 31, 1994, to the memorial singing. The class voted in favor of this motion.

Leaders: Tim Gilmore 74t, 278b; John Hocutt 30t, 35; Ashley Keeton 421, 159; A. C. McGough 390, 274t; Pam Keeton 142 (in memory of her aunt, Lavada Gilmore), 382 (in memory of her great-grandmother, Martha Harper Nix); Doyle Williams 61, 65; L. E. Hannah 498, 336; Gene Wakefield 102, 103; Ada Godsey 34t, 499; A. A. Malone 183, 203; Ila Ingle 434, 436.


The class was called back to order by Glenn Keeton leading songs on pages 64 and 225t. Leaders: Alene Woodley 39b, 111b; Travis Keeton 387 (in memory of his grandfather, Lewis Keeton), 75 (for his sister who is in the hospital); Josie Hyde 66, 99; Huey Jones 306, 500; Ivalene Donaldson 275b; Larry Ballinger 101t; Margaret Keeton 475, 39t; John Hyde 129, 403; Lisa Geist 528, 532; L. H. Gilmore and Estelle Gilmore 376, 73t; Gravis Ballinger 34b. The noon blessing was led by Elder Philip Gilmore.


The class was called to order by Tim Gilmore leading songs on pages 300 and 384. Leaders: Latriva Bailey 340, 111t; Edith Tate 85 (for Hadyn Creel who is sick and in the hospital), 88t (for Marie Aldridge who is sick); Joshua Keeton 189, 108b; Mae Conwill 400, 206; Gladys Bonds 460, 77t; Warren Steel 57, 349; Mary Ellen Jones 196, 392; Willodean Barton 418, 482; Elmer Conwill 337, 411 (in memory of Tom Harper); Margaret Gowen 141, 127; Flora Otwell 318, 338; Elder Philip Gilmore 47b, 285t; Roma Rice 348 (t? b?), 389; Ronald Gilmore and Hazel Gilmore “Not Made With Hands”, 45t; Jimmie Gilmore 145b (in memory of her sister, Lavada Gilmore), 316 (in memory of her grandmother, Martha Harper Nix, and for her parents, Elder Garnsey and Ethel McGough who are sick); Velton Chafin 144; Janet Jones 283 (in memory of her aunt, Estelle Napier), 454 (for Keterina Sanders who is in the hospital); Betty Baccus and Julia Posten 396, 391; Tim Gilmore 216.

Glenn Keeton and Tim Gilmore led song on page 270 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by L. H. Gilmore.

Chairman—Tim Gilmore; Vice Chairman—John Hocutt; Secretary—Pam Keeton.