Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Australian Sacred Harp Convention

Chittick Lodge, Gerringong, New South Wales, Australia

January 26-27, 2019

Saturday, January 26

Australia’s fourth Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held in Gerringong on the weekend closest to Australia Day (January 26th). Natalie Simms brought the class to order leading 128. The opening prayer was offered by Angharad Davis.

Leaders: Meg Quinlisk 350; Melanie Albrecht 242; Shawn Whelan 376; Angharad Davis 59; Thomas MacDonald 26; Miriam Delirium 435; Ruby Foster 171; Daniel Whelan 76b; Peter Rayner 201; Morag Logan 66; Meg Quinlisk 430; Natalie Simms 455; Caitlin McHugh 495; Philippa Stevens 333; Elaena Gardner 183.

The following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Meg Quinlisk; Deputy Chairman—Philippa Stevens; Secretaries—Thomas McDonald and Elaena Gardner; Treasurer—Elaena Gardner; Arranging Committee—Ruby Foster and Caitlin McHugh; Chaplain—Angharad Davis.


The class was called back to order by Angharad Davis leading 172. Leaders: Natalie Simms 276; Lauren Reader 460; Miriam Delirium 417; Philippa Stevens 213b; Ruby Foster 168; Daniel Whelan 67; Caitlin McHugh 388; Peter Rayner 72b; Morag Logan 63; Thomas MacDonald 318; Meg Quinlisk 550; Melanie Albrecht 107; Shawn Whelan 475; Elaena Gardner 506.


Angharad Davis called the class back together leading 453. Leaders: Natalie Simms 448b; Shawn Whelan 319; Thomas MacDonald 200; Peter Rayner 535; Caitlin McHugh 482; Morag Logan 112; Elaena Gardner 472; Angharad Davis 192; Melanie Albrecht 452; Lauren Reader 36b; Natalie Simms 182; Philippa Stevens 282; Miriam Delirium 440; Daniel Whelan 224; Meg Quinlisk 209; Shawn Whelan 540; Ruby Foster 168; Thomas MacDonald 320; Peter Rayner 148; Morag Logan 38b; Elaena Gardner 47b.

Angharad Davis asked a blessing of the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Angharad Davis leading 102. Leaders: Melanie Albrecht 277; Lauren Reader 105; Don Warren 383; Natalie Simms 454; Philippa Stevens 46; Miriam Delirium 315; Ruby Foster 532; Daniel Whelan 542; Meg Quinlisk 408; Shawn Whelan 217; Thomas MacDonald 294; Peter Rayner 236; Caitlin McHugh 284; Morag Logan 496; Elaena Gardner 344; Angharad Davis 38t.


The class was called back to order by Melanie Albrecht leading 547. Leaders: Lauren Reader 122; Don Warren 48b; Natalie Simms 354t; Miriam Delirium 34b; Ruby Foster 162; Daniel Whelan 146; Meg Quinlisk 323b; Shawn Whelan 268; Thomas MacDonald 220; Peter Rayner 551. Caitlin McHugh led 410t as the closing song. Angharad Davis offered a prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 27

The Sunday session was brought to order by Meg Quinlisk leading 47t. Angharad Davis offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Elaena Gardner 49t; Angharad Davis 48t; Melanie Albrecht 49b; Lauren Reader 287; Natalie Simms 348t; Miriam Delirium 101t; Morag Logan 156; Caitlin Jay 530; Daniel Whelan 77t; Meg Quinlisk 306; Shawn Whelan 33b; Thomas MacDonald 372; Peter Rayner 113; Caitlin McHugh 29t.


Ruby Foster called the class back together leading 95. Leaders: Natalie Simms 504; Caitlin McHugh 401;

Caitlin Jay 370; Angharad Davis 326; Elaena Gardner 312b; Thomas MacDonald 189; Morag Logan 442; Melanie Albrecht 472; Meg Quinlisk 198; Shawn Whelan 567; Miriam Delirium 448t.


Morag Logan called the class back together leading 230. Leaders: Daniel Whelan 203; Peter Rayner 340; Lauren Reader 228; Natalie Simms 362.

Angharad Davis conducted the memorial lesson and led Old Indian Hymn from Indian Melodies (1845) for those who were unable to join us and in memory of friends who have passed.

Leaders: Caitlin McHugh 392; Ruby Foster 206; Melanie Albrecht 457; Meg Quinlisk 254. Angharad Davis asked a blessing of the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Shawn Whelan leading 155. Leaders: Miriam Delirium 154; Caitlin Jay 275t; Elaena Gardner 384; Angharad Davis 269; Thomas MacDonald 245; Morag Logan 297; Daniel Whelan 300; Peter Rayner 274t; Lauren Reader 99; Natalie Simms 110; Caitlin McHugh 127; Ruby Foster 524; Melanie Albrecht 481; Meg Quinlisk 349; Shawn Whelan 474; Miriam Delirium 475; Caitlin Jay 335; Thomas MacDonald 250; Morag Logan 324; Angharad Davis 448b; Shawn Whelan “Brunswick” (composed by Angharad Davis, 2014); Daniel Whelan 42; Elaena Gardner 365; Philippa Stevens 393; All those who crossed state lines (Christine Golab, Shawn Whelan, Miriam Delirium, Natalie Simms, Peter Rayner, Morag Logan, Lauren Reader, Melanie Albrecht, Daniel Whelan) 56b; Christine Golab, Caitlin Jay, Caitlin McHugh, Thomas McDonald 222.

The Chairman expressed the gratitude of the class to all those who contributed to the day. Announcements were made. The class sang 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Angharad Davis.

Chairman—Meg Quinlisk; Deputy Chairman—Philippa Stevens; Secretaries—Thomas McDonald and Elaena Gardner