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New England Sacred Harp Convention

Topsham Grange, Topsham, Maine

October 6-7, 2018

Saturday, October 6

The class was called to order by Chris Holley leading 171. Leaders: Rachel Taylor 99; Elizabeth Stoddard 36b; Peter Golden 107; Ally Talbot 72b; Scott Harriman 32t; Jesse Vear 92; Emma Swartz 73t; Jesse Flynn 101t; Robert Stoddard 85; Bruce Voyles 87; Jana Yeaton 277; Ethan McNerny 108b; Kit Walsh 102; John Hughes 330b; Susan Jaster 388; George Sigut 159; Celia Divine 429; William Schuller 335; Philippa Stoddard 106.


The class was called back together by Anna Mays leading 89. Leaders: Kerry Cullinan 510; Linda Shea 369; Brian Harris 217; Nicole Collins 63; Judy Contompasis 228; Dennis O’Brien 474; Anne Kazlauskas 201; Hollie Long 454; Mary Skidmore 538; Leonard Spencer 250; Laura Hodges 61; Greg Law 312b; Jean Seiler 66; Liz Cantrell 348b; Hal Booth 254; Jennie Brown 475; Patrick Friesen 138t; Joyce Forry 495; Chris McKnight 67; Pamela Minor 121; Micah John Walter 131t; Christine Andrews 229; Bob Parr 200.


The class was called back together by Chris Holley and Syd Caldwell leading 43 (in memory of J.L. Edge). Leaders: Sheila Girling Macadam 500; Anna Mays 477; Ismael Stefanov-Wagner 479; Em Ekelund 460; MB Gowins 436; Chris Nicholson 34b; Pam Nunn 528; Edwin Macadam 236; Ina Shea 456; Natalie Sims 316; Donald Ross 183; Sandy Scott 472; Isolda Heavey 42; Mark Brown 38b; Reba Windom 542; Karen Swenson 377; Syd Caldwell 220; Jennifer Jones 527; Diane Ross 543; Ruth Wampler 328.


The class was called back to order by Peter Golden leading 551. Leaders: Rob Taylor 319; Joanne Fuller 192; Bill Holt 112; Molly Sauder 209; Aldo Ceresa 546; Sue Peters 341; Lyra O’Brien 411; Mike Richards 318; Sylvia Martin 297; DJ Hatfield 430; Donna Mayhew and MB Gowins 29t; Jonathan Spencer 123b; Sara Sandberg 77t; Joan Frankel 414; Paul Robinson 37b; Emily Hancock 384; Eric Sandberg 373; Fritz Rasenberger 271t; Christine Andrews and Syd Caldwell 434; Chris McKnight 480. Mark Brown led “Sweet Beulah Land” as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, October 7

The class was called to order by Chris Holley leading 82t. Leaders: Rachel Taylor 40; Elizabeth Stoddard 32t; Eric Sandberg 225t; Anna Kellar 65; Robert Stoddard 77b; Sara Sandberg 176b; Ally Talbot 66; David Bliss 63; Bobbie Goodell 473; Peter Golden 70b; Scott Harriman 283; Donna Carlson 300; Greg Law 81t; Liz Patton 160b; Emma Swartz 440; Ron Trial 217; Bruce Voyles 344; Micah John Walter 269.


The class was called back to order by Pat Callahan leading 105. Leaders: Jana Yeaton 146; Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner 273; Sue Peters 338; Rob Taylor 270; Ina Shea 80 (t? b?); George Sigut 122; Nicole Collins 313b; Bill Holt 455; Lyra O’Brien 456; Brian Harris 396; Em Ekelund 69t; William Schuller 458.

Emily Hancock and Kerry Cullinan conducted the memorial lesson. Emily Hancock spoke and led 154 for the following sick and shut-ins: Chuck Micciche, Linda Brazeau, Charlene Wallace, Don Bowen, Corrone Bryant, Ruthann Bryant, Dorthy Devine, Ginger Cody, Jon Sho, Keith Pigott, Andy Worthington, Regina Contrino, Rosemary Vequist, Steve Crevoshay, Aimee Richmond, Alexander Hancock, Jimmie Gilmore, Carol Holt, Keith Brown, Steve Hoyt, Ann Jett, Melanie Hauff, Curtis Owen, Jackie Hills, and Gail Cowart.

Kerry Cullinan spoke and led 339 in memory of the following deceased: Aspen Wampler and Baby Rowan—Pennsylvania; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Mary Ellen Schrock, Michael Kaye, Harry Roy, Herbert Erikksen, Jean Fleming, and Robert Barrett—New York; Elizabeth Rechenberg and Judith McDowdell—Ohio; Barbara Isbell and Daphene Causey—Alabama; Lyle Meeks, Jennifer Bennett, and Nicholas Cameron—Canada; Andy Spence, Frank Pigott, Bob Patten, and Rollo Woods—United Kingdom; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Louise Holland—Georgia; Nancy Waters and Janet Shea—Massachusetts; DeeDee Cox—California; Charles Hoffman and Bob Rafoko—Connecticut; Colette Kelly—Ireland; Megan Swartz—Maryland; June Drummond—Virginia; Walt Colteryahn—Vermont; Tony Quimby—New Hampshire; Phyllis Greenhalgh—Maine; Edith Owen, Mel Rosenbaum, and Amy Denison—Texas; Ruth Ekelund—North Carolina.

Leaders: Ruth Wampler 279; Anna Mays 573; John Hughes 504; Kit Walsh 153; Donna Mayhugh 274t; Aldo Ceresa 556.


The class was called back to order by Kathe Pilobosian leading 277. Leaders: Mary Skidmore 442; Patrick Friesen 387; Diane Ross 350; Mike Richards 389; Sheila Macadam 372; Joanne Fuller 564; Syd Caldwell and Kathe Pilobosian 426b; Laura Hodges 532; Hollie Long 159; Donald Ross 419; Joyce Forry 282; Jennie Brown 411; Jennifer Jones 522; Edwin Macadam 444; Karen Swenson 291; Reba Windom 216; Chris Nicholson 235; Pamela Minor 312b; Natalie Sims 224; Pam Nunn 362.


The class was called back together by Anna Mays leading 326. Leaders: Susan Jaster 352; Jonathan Spencer 375; Pat Callahan 53; Judy Contompasis 143; Leonard Spencer 260; Jean Seiler 148; Celia Divine 324; Fritz Rasenberger 99; PhiIippa Stoddard 399b; Molly Sauder 569b; Dennis O’Brien 353; Joan Frankel 284; Jesse Flynn 448t; MB Gowins 505; Paul Robinson 189; Anne Kazlauskas 327; Jesse Vear 483.

The class entered into a business session. The Secretary reported that one hundred twenty-six singers had registered from sixteen states, two Canadian provinces, and three additional foreign countries, and that eighty-nine leaders had led one hundred sixty-three songs.

Em Ekelund and John Hughes of the Resolutions Committee reported the following: First, be it resolved that the members of this 43rd New England Convention give humble thanks for the blessings of life, friends, family, and the joy of song, and the higher power that sustains us. Second, be it further resolved, that we gratefully remember the generations of singers, composers, and convention organizers who have handed this music down to the present day. We also recognize the continuous tradition of stewardship by indigenous and settler peoples of this land on which we sing. Third, be it resolved that we thank the officers, the committees, and the keyers, the hosts, and those who prepared our delicious meals, for their effort and their service to this singing, and we embrace the spirit of inclusivity being fostered here by today’s organizers. Finally, be it resolved that we will meet again, on the first Sunday and Saturday before in October, 2019, in Massachusetts, for the 44th New England Convention. The Treasurer reported that all expenses had been met. The business session was closed, and announcements were made.

Chris Holley led 69t as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Holley; Secretary—Rachel Taylor