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Scotland Singing

Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church, Glasgow, Scotland

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Scotland All-Day Singing was held at Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church in Glasgow, Scotland. Maureen Uney called the class to order leading 31b. Sandy Semeonoff offered words of welcome and reflection on the importance of Sacred Harp music and community in our lives, and then led 33b.

Leaders: Anne Altringham 146; Joan Gordon 47b; Tom Gordon 493; Ruth Holman 350; Calum Parker 68b; Karen Turner 135; Alison Cole and Harry Campbell 39t; Ewan Paterson 105; Sula O’Duffy 300; Claire Welford 270; Cath Ingham 155; Martin Roger and Jan Geerts 277; Viv O’Duffy 452; Harry Campbell 59; Benny Ross 421; Jan Geerts 332; Carmen Gordon 29t.


Margaret Bradshaw brought the class back to order leading 148. Leaders: Anne Eringa 171; Phil Tyler 89; Erin Johnson-Williams 287; Charles Woods 283; Calum Parker 106; Maureen Uney 209; Ed Johnson-Williams 564; Ewan Paterson 63; Anne Altringham 178; Claire Welford 440; Sandy Semeonoff 341; Joan Gordon 86; Karen Turner 460; Alison Cole and Benny Ross 448b; Carmen Gordon 142; Jan Geerts 422; Tom Gordon 122; Sula O’Duffy 87; Benny Ross 378b; Ruth Holman 472; Cath Ingham 282; Karen Turner 143; Harry Campbell 38b; Viv O’Duffy 335; Martin Rodger and Jan Geerts 49b. Ewan Paterson offered the Selkirk Grace to introduce the lunch break.


Tom Gordon brought the class back to order leading 99. Leaders: Anne Altringham and Claire Welford 383; Charles Woods 45t; Erin Johnson-Williams 556; Anne Eringa 344; Harry Campbell 31t; Ewan Paterson 133; Cath Ingham 82t; Phil Tyler 269; Benny Ross 299; Ed Johnson-Williams 201; Carmen Gordon 455; Calum Parker 569b; Sula O’Duffy 274t; Jan Geerts 236; Sandy Semeonoff 70t; Karen Turner 112; Viv O’Duffy 147t; Ruth Holman 84.


Margaret Bradshaw brought the class back to order leading 114. Leaders: Benny Ross 441; Claire Welford 362; Ewan Paterson 117; Anne Eringa 183; Erin Johnson-Williams 75; Carmen Gordon 503; Joan Gordon 49t.

Sula O’Duffy conducted the memorial lesson and the sick and housebound lesson. She read the following list of names of the sick and housebound: Cath Tyler, Rose Ollerhead, Patsy, Cliff Uney, Neil MacGregor, Kes Grant, Elspeth Murray, and Chris.

She read the following list of names of the deceased: Ben Thompson—Scotland; Janet Bones, Toby Boyes, Kit Yip, Steve Harrison, and Betty Grenfell—England. She led 159 for all.

Leaders: Tom Gordon 127; Ed Johnson-Williams 111b; Phil Tyler 456; Ruth Holman 284; Cath Ingham 339; Calum Parker 47t; Viv O’Duffy 445; Harry Campbell 48t; Margaret Bradshaw 266; Sandy Semeonoff 235.

Sandy Semeonoff offered closing thoughts. Sandy Semeonoff and Maureen Uney led 347, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Maureen Uney; Secretary—Cath Ingham