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East Kentucky Singing

Calvary Campus, Letcher, Kentucky

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The 2nd annual East Kentucky All-Day Singing at Calvary Campus was held on the second Saturday in August. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Brandon Fleming; Vice Chairmen—Paul Adams and Ben Fink; Arranging Committee—AuCo Lai and Laura Densmore; Secretary/Treasurer—Stephanie Devine; Chaplain—Joseph Crouse.

Paul Adams called the class to order leading a lined-out version of “Amazing Grace”. The morning prayer was offered by Joseph Crouse.

Leaders: Brandon Fleming 457; Ben Fink 48t; Stephanie Devine 133; AuCo Lai 82t; Gwen Johnson 159; Paul Adams 143; Tom Morton 209; JR Hardman 501; Tim Morton 300; Chris Wilhelm 187; Tim Gregg 96; Kathy Call 503; Ray Turner 125; Patti Wareh 171; Eddie Mash 151; Katherine Eldridge 139; Ateven Snderson 94.


Gwen Johnson and Ben Fink called the class back to order leading “Bright Morning Star”. Leaders: Erin Fulton 124; Paul Wyatt 128; Michele Cull 76b; Tarik Wareh 352; Jane Wells 99; Samuel Williams 434; Virginia Eldridge 98; Bryant Kumlin 32t; Barbara Hohenstein 524; Charles Coulston 299; Mary Brinkman 313b; Adrian Eldridge 313t; Annaliza Cull 547; Vickie See and Billy See 480; Leslie Booher 178.


The officers of the singing called the class back to order leading “I’ll Fly Away”. Leaders: Evan Druce 113; Stephanie Devine 486; Connie Webster 312b: David Carlton 183; Christine Stevens 456; Doron Henkin 426b; Brenda Waters and Katherine Eldridge 515; Alec Jenkins-White 328; Donna Kwon 163b; Daniel Williams 74t; Laura Densmore 349.


The officers of the singing called the class back to order leading “Where the Soul Never Dies”. Leaders: Tim Caudill and Ben Fink 107; Adam Rosenberg and Laura Densmore 276; Greta Combs 148; Christine Stevens 455; Evan Druce 105; Katherine Eldridge 367; Ateven Snderson 274b; Patti Wareh 228; Paul Wyatt 189; Erin Fulton 436; Tarik Wareh 214; Jane Wells 71; Samuel Williams 163t; Barbara Hohenstein 212; Bryant Kumlin 142; Connie Webster 86; Doron Henkin 192; Virginia Eldridge 39b.


The officers of the singing called the class back to order leading “Marching to Zion”. Leaders: Alec Jenkins-White 274t; JR Hardman 567; Daniel Williams 34t; Laura Densmore 522; Adrian Eldridge 543; Eddie Mash 428; Leslie Booher 213b; David Carlton 442; Brenda Waters 49b; Chris Wilhelm 308; Vickie See and Billy See 33b; Donna Kwon 47t; Tim Morton 227; Annaliza Cull 168; Tim Gregg 64; Mary Brinkman 40; Tom Morton 294; Michele Cull 373; Charles Coulston 344; Kathy Call 47b.

Brandon Fleming, Paul Adams, and Ben Fink led 527 (CB) as the closing song. Joseph Crouse offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Brandon Fleming; Vice Chairmen—Paul Adams and Ben Fink; Secretary—Stephanie Devine