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Mt. Zion Memorial Singing

Mt. Zion, Georgia

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The 126th session of the Mt. Zion Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held at Mt. Zion Methodist Church on the fourth Sunday in July. Richard DeLong called the class together by leading 32t. Pastor Donald Richards offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 72b; Gary Davis 565; David Smead 274b, 544; Judy Chambless 37b, 82t; Judy Henry 77b, 283; Bert Collins 340, 542; Winfred Kerr 36b, 225t; Donna Duke 448b, 217; Lisa Bennett 516, 570; Butch White 503, 344; Elene Stovall 172, 298; Nicholas Thompson 216, 426b; Charles Woods 420, 178.


Gary Davis brought the class back together leading 59. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 475; Helen Bryson 428; Kathy Williams 517; Esther Williams 277; Andy Ditzler 148; Blake Sisemore 436; Rebecca Over 146; Robert Chambless and Donald Richards 480; Faye Hollis 373 (for Alan Lambert); Karen Rollins 220; Jack Nelson 564; Malinda Snow 460 (in memory of Louise Holland); Nathan Rees 313t; Jeannette DePoy 187.

Rebecca Over conducted the memorial lesson. She said that in the early years of this convention, it was customary at all singings to speak and sing only for the deceased, with the sad consequence that people would lead music for many years, and then seem to disappear. When they passed away, often years later and after a period of illness, no one knew and no one put their names on the list of deceased. Now at singings we read the names of the sick to let them and carers know that they are in our thoughts and prayers, and remind us to send a card, make a phone call, send an email, or visit. Some will return to sing with us, others sadly may not, but they will not be forgotten. Rebecca Over led 330b in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Geraldine Sharpton, Alan Lambert, Velton Chafin, Ozella Blackmon, Ottis Sides, Don Bowen, Willodean Barton, and Mike Jones.

Rebecca spoke about the singers who passed away in the previous year, and talked about how each of them is special to someone here today. Notably, Wawena Entrekin Miles was a singer special to the Mt. Zion singing community, and a friend to Rebecca. Wawena led music here in 1943 when she was just 14, and in 1947 she was the first secretary of this convention to record page numbers in the minutes. Rebecca Over led 288 in memory of Wawena Entrekin Miles, and 122 for the deceased who included Daphene Causey, Martha Moody, Glenda Hopper, Eloise Wootten, Gravis Ballinger—Alabama; Wawena Entrekin Miles, Florice Akin, Louise Holland, Audrey Ruth Garner, Ruth Ayers, Ronald Corley, Daniel Evans, Mike Taylor, Nadine Mashburn—Georgia; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; and Steve Helwig—Oregon. Butch White closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

A motion was made to go into a business session. The following officers were elected: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Gary Davis; Secretary—David Smead. Richard DeLong led 100 (for Ronald Corley).


Richard DeLong brought the class back to order leading 399b. Leaders: Glenda Collins 290; David Brodeur 310; Samuel Williams 57; Wesley Haley 34b; Isaac Green 395; Gene Duke 111t; Karen Flagg 47b; Daniel Williams 203; Jonathon Smith 92; Laura Frey 358; Calum Woods 106; Sheri Taylor and Riley Webb 126 (in memory of Mike Taylor and Nadine Mashburn); Rebecca Over 386; Christian Webb 46; Jenna Frey 408; Calum Woods 387; Amber Davis 142; Butch White 547; Nicholas Thompson 192; Jonathon Smith 76t; Blake Sisemore 69t; Sheri Taylor, Donna Duke, Gene Duke, Laura Frey, Jenna Frey, Christian Webb, and Riley Webb 123t; Calum Woods and Rebecca Over 527; David Brodeur, Andy Ditzler, David Smead, and Lisa Bennett 213b; Samuel Williams, Daniel Williams, and Esther Williams 123b; Kathy Williams, Malinda Snow, Karen Rollins, and Faye Hollis 45t; Oscar McGuire and Jack Nelson 560; Winfred Kerr, Bert Collins, and Glenda Collins 339; Isaac Green and Calum Woods 548.

Announcements were made. Richard DeLong, Gary Davis, and David Smead led 75 as the closing song. Donald Richards offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Gary Davis; Secretary—David Smead