Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention

Village Hall, Kegworth, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

April 28-29, 2018

Saturday, April 28

The class was called to order by Ian West leading 77b. Hannah Land offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders and Rosalind Oldham; Arranging Committee—Vicki Elliott, Joe Vickers, and Emily Verrier.

Leaders: Helen Brown 32t; Margaret Gillanders 72b; Hannah Land 76b; Vicki Elliott 65; Ted Brown 33b; Rosalind Oldham 313t; Joe Vickers 39b; Sarah West 378t; Judy Whiting 268b (CB); Michael Walker 45b (CB); Margaret Bradshaw 101t; Steve Brett 504t (CB); Rebecca Over 380t (CB); Emily Verrier 480; Geoff Grainger 49t; Catherine Roberts 503; Derek Buckland 421; Karen Turner 217; Ian West 140 (CB); Judy Whiting 171; Michael Walker 30t (CB); Emily Verrier 201; Chris Brown 47t; Helen Brown 234.


Joe Vickers reconvened the class leading 324 (CB). Leaders: Richard Mayers 183; Hannah Land 410 (CB); Scott Lewin 199 (CB); Catherine Roberts 448t; Steve Brett 202; Vicki Elliott 212; Ted Brown 81 (CB); Chris Brown 447; Rosalind Oldham 505 (CB); Geoff Grainger 163b; Sarah West 492; Margaret Bradshaw 168; Rebecca Over 558; Derek Buckland 270; Margaret Gillanders 336t (CB); Richard Mayers 313b; Karen Turner 472; Scott Lewin 452; Michael Walker 465 (CB); Judy Whiting 441; Catherine Roberts 440; Helen Brown 486 (CB); Derek Buckland 332; Rosalind Oldham 282 (CB); Joe Vickers 98 (CB); Rebecca Over 587 (CB); Vicki Elliott 327. Grace for the midday meal was offered by David Steggles.


Emily Verrier reconvened the class leading 167. Leaders: Geoff Grainger 89 (CB); Karen Turner 462; Scott Lewin 230; Margaret Gillanders 546; Ted Brown 113 (CB); Sarah West 453t (CB); Chris Brown 514 (CB); Connie Baldini 86; Richard Mayers 362; Hannah Land 56t; Ian West 156 (CB); Margaret Bradshaw 344; Steve Brett 567 (CB); Rebecca Over 195 (CB); Michael Walker 499 (CB); Helen Brown 500; Catherine Roberts 114; Derek Buckland 27; Rosalind Oldham 66; Vicki Elliott 380b (CB); Judy Whiting 150; Karen Turner 474; Scott Lewin 563 (CB).


Margaret Bradshaw reconvened the class leading 445. Leaders: Joe Vickers 131t; Emily Verrier 436; Richard Mayers 236; Sarah West 191; Geoff Grainger 339; Steve Brett 375; Hannah Land 454; Chris Brown 392; Catherine Roberts 131b; Scott Lewin 274t; Judy Whiting 187; Michael Walker 153 (for Dave Richardson); Margaret Gillanders 466; Ted Brown 148 (CB); Rebecca Over 210 (CB); Helen Brown 105.

Helen Brown and Ian West led 323t as the closing song. Kuba Choinski dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, April 29

The Sunday session was called to order by Ian West leading 84. Margaret Bradshaw offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Helen Brown 36b; Margaret Gillanders 50b; Hannah Land 85; Joe Vickers 73t; Sarah West 111b; Nick Hall 501 (CB); Steve Brett 41 (CB); Sheila Girling Macadam 51; Seth Dickens 505 (CB); Toby Goss 155; Rachel Jordan 353; Edwin Macadam 137 (CB); Margaret Bradshaw 448b; Kuba Choinski 501; Judy Whiting 590 (CB); Rosalind Oldham 573 (CB); Michael Walker 54t (CB); Chris Brown 133 (CB); Catherine Roberts 28b; Geoff Grainger 143; Karen Turner 171; Ted Brown 119 (CB); Rebecca Over 344 (CB).


Joe Vickers reconvened the class leading 208 (CB). Leaders: Vicki Elliott 163b (CB); Derek Buckland 378b; Hannah Land 352; Edwin Macadam 588 (CB); Seth Dickens 365; Margaret Bradshaw 300; Sheila Girling Macadam 286; Kuba Choinski 40; Rosalind Oldham 146; Nick Hall 455; Helen Brown 534; Chris Brown 336b (CB); Steve Brett 316 (CB); Karen Turner 426b; Toby Goss 547; Rachel Jordan 540; Judy Whiting 354t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Sarah West and Joe Vickers. Sarah spoke for the sick and housebound and led 330b for the following: Ottis Sides, Velton Chafin, David Elliott, Reginald Brett, Darele Angwin, Trish Stadward, Curtis Owen, Rev Michael Pain, Rosie and Andy, Derek Gillott, Stuart Russell, Sister Pippa, Roy Hollowell, Andy Spence, Paula Mogensen, and Idy Kiser.

Joe Vickers spoke about how an imprint of our lives is left on this earth, and how we have a duty to recall that imprint in remembering and honoring those who have left us. He led 565 in memory of the following: Daphene Causey, Hugh McGraw, Daniel Evans, Wawena Entrekin Miles, Louise Holland, Darrell Swarens, Steve Helwig, Jean MacDonald, Donald MacDonald, Gábor Mészáros, Rita Bick, Ian M. Fraser, Florice Akin, Edith Owen, Gravis Ballinger, Kameron Prescott, Toby Boyes, Rollo Woods, Janet Winstanley, Dennis Horton, Louis Negri, Mark Girling, Jennifer Bennett, Frank Pigott, Jackie Saunders, David Cooke, and Joy Comelio. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Hannah Land.

Leaders: Vicki Elliott 414; Ian West 415; Rebecca Over 283; Ted Brown 523; Margaret Gillanders 564; Geoff Grainger 68b; Catherine Roberts 30b; Michael Walker 373. Grace for the midday meal was offered by Karen Turner.


The class was reconvened by Derek Buckland singing 70b. Leaders: Hannah Land 463 (CB); Ian West 515 (CB); Margaret Bradshaw 107; Toby Goss 452; Helen Brown 411; Kuba Choinski 589 (CB); Karen Turner 462; Seth Dickens 587 (CB); Rebecca Over 39 (CB); Steve Brett 488; Sheila Girling Macadam 140 (CB); Michael Walker 475; Rachel Jordan 182; Edwin Macadam 181; Margaret Gillanders 500 (CB); Nick Hall 183; Sarah West 172; Ted Brown 511t (CB); Geoff Grainger and Bob Powell 535; Vicki Elliott 528; Catherine Roberts 203; Toby Goss 178.


The class was reconvened by Hannah Land leading 38t (CB). Leaders: Rebecca Over 516 (CB); Derek Buckland 285t; Sheila Girling Macadam 295 (CB); Ian West 135; Kuba Choinski 112; Steve Brett 189 (CB); Catherine Roberts 65; Joe Vickers 371; Rachel Jordan 297; Edwin Macadam 466; Sarah West 490; Michael Walker 138t (CB); Margaret Gillanders 556; Nick Hall 492; Karen Turner 410t; Seth Dickens 114; Margaret Bradshaw 266. Ian West and Helen Brown led 95b (CB) as the closing song. Ted Brown dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders and Rosalind Oldham