Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Dublin Singing

Franciscan Friary, Merchant’s Quay, Dublin, Ireland

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Dublin All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in February at the Franciscan Friary, Merchant’s Quay, Dublin, Ireland. The class was called to order by Dermot Peel leading 171. Welcome and introductory remarks were given by Dermot Peel. A singing school overview for new members was taught by Mike Morrisroe.

Leaders: Mike Morrisroe 37b; Niamh Madigan 32t; John O’Flynn 29t; Ailish McMahon 39t; Amanda Parkes 83t; Clara Grimes 31t; Claire Lacombe 47t; Steph Malpass 133; Joanna Bennett 376; Desmond O’ Flynn 335; Sarah Shiel 47b; Jan Geerts 128; Chris Swift 77t; Werner Ullah 49t; Lily Power 42; Katie Ahern 113; Kevin Kennedy 115; Derek Buckland 160b.


Dermot Peel called the class back to order leading 122. Leaders: Eimear Cradock 345b; Sinead Hanrahan 150; Niamh Madigan 155; Rosalind Woods 127; Ailish McMahon 89; Joanna Bennett 542; Mike Morrisroe 76b; Claire Lacombe 361; Lily Power 30b; John O’Flynn 318; Jan Geerts 475; Kevin Kennedy 124; Chris Swift 99; Werner Ullah 49b; Katie Ahern 474; Desmond O’ Flynn 282; Derek Buckland 70b; Clara Grimes 504; Amanda Parkes 168; Steph Malpass 546; Eimear Cradock 65; Rosalind Woods 274t; Ailish McMahon 56b; Sinead Hanrahan 66.


Mike Morrisroe called the class back to order leading 101t. Leaders: Ruth Clinton 276; Katie Ahern 500; Jan Geerts 480; Werner Ullah 501; Derek Buckland 230; Daragh McCarthy 448b; Dermot Peel 277; Niamh Madigan 153; Sinead Hanrahan 492; Annie Flynn 29b; Renata Pekowska 567; Mike Morrisroe 315; Eimear Cradock 452; Kevin Kennedy 451; Hugh McKenna 178.


Steph Malpass called the class back to order leading 272. Leaders: Tara Walsh 159; Dermot Peel 278t; Joanna Bennett 538; Amanda Parkes 454; Rosalind Woods 319; Jan Geerts 340; Werner Ullah 410t; Derek Buckland 95; Katie Ahern 270; Sinead Hanrahan 208; Eimear Cradock 269; Kevin Kennedy 330b; Ruth Clinton 217; Renata Pekowska 351; Mike Morrisroe 48t; John O’Flynn 472; Annie Flynn 163b; Chris Swift 430; Ailish McMahon 383; Sarah Shiel 268; Steph Malpass 203; Niamh Madigan 535.

Dermot Peel made closing announcements, and thanked all those involved in organizing the day. Dermot Peel led 344 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Dermot Peel; Secretary—Niamh Madigan