Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tennessee State Sacred Harp Singing

Arlington United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Tennessee State Sacred Harp Singing was held at Arlington United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. The class was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Barrett Patton leading 108t. Ron Harper offered the morning prayer.

The class organized by appointing the following officers to serve: Chairman—Barrett Patton; Vice Chairman—Emily Stutzman; Arranging Committee—Justin Bowen; Secretary—Janie Harper.

Leaders: Emily Stutzman 49t; Justin Bowen 60; Ron Harper 396; David Carlton 134; Sandie Scott 472; Vickie See and Billy See 480; Caleb Dillehay 402; Larry Brown 99; Bob Simmons 569b; Nancy Posey and Emily Stutzman 146; Marilyn Burchett 29t; Nicholas Thompson 82t; Eddie Mash 413; Sarah Trumbore 430; Seth Gregory 86; John Huffman 198.


The class was called back to order by Barrett Patton leading 123t. Leaders: Daniel Nore and Justin Bowen 117; Darrell Swarens 208; Stephen Huffman 155; Daniel Lee 411; Rachel Rogers 108b; Brent Devore 72b; Gideon Lloyd 67; Beth Anne Clay 448t; Isaac Green 170; Angela Myers 154; Andy Ditzler 128; Ezra Lloyd 107; Elizabeth Gentry 76b; Roy Turrentine 35; Drew McGuire 486; Havilah Lloyd, Malachi Lloyd, Jael Lloyd, and Elyssa Lloyd 288.


Emily Stutzman brought the class together leading 47t. Leaders: Jonathon Vest and Barrett Patton 282; Shelby Castillo 112; Hayden Arp 384; Cheyenne Ivey 182; David Brodeur 136; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 340; Isaac Lloyd 228; Jackson Fleder 204; Mary Huffman and Rachel Hall 178; Tim Morton 147t; Gail Doss 162; Alex Forsyth 383; Judy Caudle 428; Ray Rechenberg 203; Malik McCutcheon and Justin Bowen 39t; Reba Windom 196. Barrett Patton led prayer before the lunch break.


The class resumed singing with Ron Harper and Alex Harper leading 440. Leaders: David Gooch 312b; Nathan Rees 352; Regina Derstine 102; Tom Morton 209; Jonathon Smith 197; Seth Gregory 454; Hayden Arp 283 (in memory of Hugh McGraw and Earlis McGraw); Reba Windom and Shelby Castillo 436; Andy Ditzler, David Brodeur, and Peg Dunn 518; Tammy Heinsohn 159; Ray Rechenberg 40; Nicholas Thompson 434; Mary Huffman 63; Darrell Swarens 507; Drew McGuire 532; Angela Myers, Bridgett Hill Kennedy, and Judy Caudle 542; Alex Forsyth 181 (in memory of Oliver Kindig-Stokes); Elizabeth Gentry 388; Tim Morton and Tom Morton 268; John Huffman, Stephen Huffman, Whitefield Hall, Lydia Hall, Betsie Hall, Abrial Hall, and Kay Huffman 236; Jonathon Smith and Nathan Rees 353; Isaac Green 426b; Isaac Lloyd, Gideon Lloyd, Ezra Lloyd, and Malachi Lloyd 410t; Jackson Fleder 294; Rachel Rogers and Libba Miller 81t.

Following announcements, Barrett Patton and Emily Stutzman led 323t as the closing song. Gary Huffman offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Barrett Patton; Vice Chairman—Emily Stutzman; Secretary—Janie Harper