Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Liberty Decoration Day Singing

Liberty Baptist Church, Henagar, Alabama

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The annual Liberty Decoration Day Sacred Harp Singing was held on the first Sunday in June at Liberty Baptist Church, Henagar, Alabama. The class was called to order by Loyd Ivey leading 82t. Loyd Ivey and Rex Wilks led 89. Loyd Ivey offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Scott Ivey 276; David Ivey 318 (for Eloise Wootten); Jackie Tanner 129; Rodney Ivey 426t; Boyd Scott 358; Cheyenne Ivey 106; Ed Thacker 280; Susan Cherones 300; Nate Green and Norma Green 499; Daniel Lee 29b; Hubert Nall 186; Teresa Saylors 209; David Killingsworth 515; Bob Watkins 500; Linda Thomas 176b; Richard Mauldin 43; David Saylors 349; Loretta Smith 274t; Garrett Morton 477; Geraldine Sharpton and Dalton Sharpton 299; Don Bowen and Barrett Patton 532, 283 (in memory of Hugh McGraw); Ann Jett 327; Colby Brown and Kennedy Brown 74b; Hayden Arp 170; Anna Hinton 383; Buell Cobb 337; Jared Wootten and Jamey Wootten 546; Larry Ballinger 268.

The class assembled at the cemetery. David Ivey led 340 and 339. Shane Wootten led 571 (CB). Loyd Ivey led 511b (CB). Shane Wootten led 572 (CB).


The class was called to order by Rodney Ivey leading 111t. Leaders: Judy Caudle 303; Dennis George and Tom George 275b; Sarah Trumbore 540; Joe Douglas 86; Mary Ruth Stiefel 399b; Sierra Saylors and Gus Carter 504; Nicholas Thompson 187; Cole Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Aaron Wootten 47t, 39b; Josh Collier and Betty Shepherd 216; Phil Summerlin 68b; Paula Oliver 564; Danny Creel 269; Reba Windom 542; Taylor Watkins 388; Isaac Green and Alex Craig 421; Matt Hinton 371; Laurie Gregory 180; David Smead 517; Ellen Ray 45b; Elene Stovall 189; Linton Ballinger 282; Lilly Underwood and Anna Marie Bethune 457. Richard Mauldin offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Justin Bowen led 166 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Garrett Morton, Deborah Morton, and Josh Collier 59, 551; Delone Cobbs 354t; Loyd Ivey, Teresa Bethune, Marion Biddle, Louise Ivey, Adam Biddle, Candace Sisemore, Halle Sisemore, Lilly Underwood, Anna Marie Bethune, and Doug Ivey 501 (CB); Terry Wootten 484 (CB) (in honor of all military service men and women); Nicholas Holmes 215; April Watkins 87; Ainslie Allen and Grace Davis 76b; Anna Wootten and Susan Harcrow 426b; Shelby Castillo and Reba Windom 456; Isaac Green and Brianna Wells 472; Paula Picton and Keilor Mose 380; Richard Ivey and Kelsey Ivey 432; Henry Johnson 138t; Sharon DuPriest 208; Cassie Allen 228; Alex Forsyth and Reba Windom 30b; Lisa Bennett 368; Daphene Causey 434; Karen Ivey, Stuart Ivey, and Allison Whitener 73t; Coy Ivey and Amy Daniel 384; Sylvia Ivey, Tony Ivey, Sandy Ivey, Scott Ivey, Rachel Carter, Hayden Wootten, Jared Wootten and Jamey Wootten 445; Myra Dalton, Mark Brown, James Dalton, and Syble Adams 203; Joyce Walton 67; Cindy Tanner and Wanda Capps 512; Elizabeth Gentry and Charlotte Gentry 452; Allison Whitener and Grace Whitener 354b; Shane Wootten 171 (for Eloise Wootten).

Announcements were made. Shane Wootten and Ben Barrentine led 159 as the closing song. Ben Barrentine offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Shane Wootten; Vice Chairman—Jared Wootten; Secretary—Cheyenne Ivey