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Jack Smith Memorial Singing

Oakhurst Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

Monday, May 29, 2017

The 17th annual Jack Smith Memorial Singing was held on Memorial Day at Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia. John Plunkett began by speaking of Jack’s love for singing and for introducing new singers to the Sacred Harp tradition. During the day singers added their own specific recollections of Jack. Members of the class also, having just learned of Hugh McGraw’s death, spoke of him, and—it being Memorial Day—remembered friends and relatives who served in the armed forces. John Plunkett led 49t, and John Kelso offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Joan Durdin 45t; Malinda Snow 155 (for Murray Brown and in memory of Andrew Brown); Andy Morse 313b (in memory of Jack Smith and Hugh McGraw); Billy Hollingsworth 354b; Rebecca Over 516; Debora Grosse 303; Helen Bryson 176t; Samuel Williams 117; Brenda Dunlap 176b; John Hollingsworth 494 (for George Burnette and in memory of Hugh McGraw, who brought us together as singing friends); Bobby Watkins 348b (in memory of Lonnie Rogers); John Kelso 126; Fran Adams 159; Chris Tweedy 535 (remembering Jack’s welcome to children at singings); Laura Densmore 549 (in memory of Hugh McGraw).


Joan Durdin brought the class back into session by leading 34b. Leaders: Eric Tweedy 385b; Elena Rodoni, Caroline Rodoni, and Livia Rodoni 146; Erica Hinton and Lottie Hinton 83t; Carol Buche 162; Winfred Kerr 548; April Watkins 388; Taylor Watkins 82t; Matt Hinton 163b; John Plunkett, Caroline Massingall, and Dusty Massingall 145t; Joan Durdin 479; Malinda Snow 32t; Andy Morse 500; Billy Hollingsworth 503 (in memory of Raymond Hamrick and Hugh McGraw); Rebecca Over 381 (in memory of Boyd McGraw, killed in the Battle of the Bulge). Andy Morse asked the blessing before lunch.


John Plunkett reconvened the class leading 31b. In a business session, the class voted to keep the same officers.

Leaders: Debora Grosse 569b; Helen Bryson 217; Samuel Williams 168; Brenda Dunlap 70t; John Hollingsworth 77b; Bobby Watkins 442; Fran Adams 65; Laura Densmore 228; Erica Hinton and Lottie Hinton 37b; Carol Buche 178; Winfred Kerr 225t; April Watkins and Taylor Watkins 445; Matt Hinton 31t; Sandra Wilkinson 46 (in memory of Sgt. William Harold Wilkinson, killed in 1944), 100; Ellen McNeill 288, 282; Carol Buche and Laura Densmore 142; Mark Bumgardner 107, 457; Daniel Edwards 98; Brenda Dunlap 421; Rebecca Over 569t; John Plunkett 192 (by special request).

After announcements, John Plunkett let 56t, and John Hollingsworth dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Joan Durdin; Secretary—Malinda Snow