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John Newton Merritt Memorial
Singing Convention

Old Courthouse Museum, Vicksburg, Mississippi

May 27-28, 2017

Saturday, May 27

The 6th annual John Newton Merritt Memorial Singing was called to order by Henry McGuire leading 100 (WB). Elder Robert Vaughn offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Henry McGuire 505 (WB); Mark Davis 223, 122; Carole Watts 40, 46; Robert Vaughn 47b, 448t; Chris Nicholson 34b, 473; Charity Vaughn 392 (CB), 212 (CB); Amy Wells 112, 208; Susan Dickey 59, 274t; Wilma Mitchell 39t, 569b; Joan Smith 442t (CB), 558 (CB).


Henry McGuire called the class back together leading 30b. Leaders: Nancy Van Den Akker 269, 28b; Jane Armstrong 198, 484; Darlene Reynolds 162 (CH), 188 (CH); Hugh McGuire 539 (CH), 23b (CH); Nanette Oliver 71, 27; Anders Wells 110, 332; Amber Davis 273, 391; Dorothea Maynard 442. Chris Nicholson offered prayer before the noon meal.


Henry McGuire called the class back together leading 64 (CH). Leaders: Regina Derstine 45t (CB), 393 (CB); Jamira Jackson 507b (CB), 65; Todd Derstine 410t, 204; Peggy Ray 571 (CB), 572 (CB); Robert Vaughn 543t (WB), 519 (CB); Mark Davis 131 (CH), 281b (CH); Chris Nicholson 546b (CH), 432b (CH); Charity Vaughn 527 (WB), 186.


Hugh McGuire called the class back together leading 236. Leaders: Amy Wells 480, 384; Joan Smith 225t (CB), 341 (CB); Nancy Van Den Akker 270, 472; Jane Armstrong 389, 175 (CH); Darlene Reynolds 282; Hugh McGuire 285t (CB); Nanette Oliver 178, 159 (CB); Anders Wells 99, 76b; Amber Davis 300, 142; Dorothea Maynard 229 (CB), 383; Sonya Kirkham 31t (CB), 63 (CB); Carole Watts 578 (CB), 573 (CB).

Mark Davis, Hugh McGuire, and Henry McGuire led “The Drone” as the closing song. Elder Robert Vaughn dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, May 28

The class was brought to order by Henry McGuire leading 48t. The opening prayer was offered by Mark S. Davis.

Leaders: Henry McGuire 148; Mark Davis 336, 432; Anders Wells 28b, 70b; Amber Davis 440, 224; Dorothea Maynard 460, 569b; Hugh McGuire 491t (WB), 196 (WB); Nanette Oliver 455, 155 (CB); Darlene Reynolds 511 (WB); Darlene Reynolds and Hugh McGuire 142 (CH); Nancy Van Den Akker 401, 228; Amy Wells 222; Amy Wells and Jim Armstrong 540 (WB); Jane Armstrong 124, 287; Natalie Davis 65, 146.


Henry McGuire and Will McGuire led 486t (WB). Leaders: Regina Derstine 98 (CB), 280 (CH); Jamira Jackson 70b (CH); Jamira Jackson and Regina Derstine 94 (CH); Peggy Ray 64 (CB), 78 (CB); Sonya Kirkham 268t (CB), 343 (CB).

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Chris Nicholson spoke and led 546t (WB) for the following sick and shut-ins: Marlin Beasley, Floyd Nicholson, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Roy Davis, Alice McGuire, Elizabeth Van Horn, Hugh McGraw, and Tommy Spurlock.

Amy Wells spoke and led 330b in memory of the following deceased: Emma Lou Rigdon, Billie Margaret Gardner, and Stites Gardner—Mississippi; Jane Goforth—Texas; B.M. Smith—Georgia; Gravis Ballinger and Gary Smith—Alabama. Chris Nicholson closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Henry McGuire called the class back together leading 492 (WB). Leaders: Hugh McGuire and Will McGuire 392 (CB); Mark Davis 500; Chris Nicholson 76b (CH); Darlene Reynolds 248 (CH); Jamira Jackson 393 (CB); Dorothea Maynard 280; Amber Davis 212; Natalie Davis 182; Amy Wells 354t; Regina Derstine and Darlene Reynolds 322 (CH); Will McGuire 111b; Jane Armstrong 505 (CB); Charity Vaughn 143 (CH); Anders Wells 281t (CH), 89; Carole Watts 490; Nancy Van Den Akker 208.

Henry McGuire led 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Mark Davis, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Henry McGuire; Vice Chairman—Mark Davis; Secretary—Carole Watts