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Los Angeles Regional Sacred Harp Singing

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The 25th session of the Los Angeles Regional Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Rick Russell leading 52t. The morning prayer was offered by Al Grindon. A business meeting was held with the following officers elected: Chairman—Irene Gilb; Vice Chairman—Bruce Teter; Secretary—David Olson; Treasurer—Peter Stenshoel.

Leaders: Irene Gilb 83t; Bruce Teter 383; David Olson 313t; Peter Stenshoel 369; Karen Mathews 28t; Karl Barnes 107; Bonnie Mitchell 30t; Al Grindon 314; Christina Wilson 267; Mimi Wright 69t; Mary Rose O’Leary 542; Jerry Schreiber 473.


Leaders: Bruce Teter 274t; Rick Russell 228; Wendy Stone 277; Luc Kleiner 106; Carla Smith 110; Jeff Begley 128; Irene Gilb 384; Colleen Dougher 282; Carri Patterson Grindon 122; David Olson 112; Bruce Teter 145t; Judy Nahman-Stouffer 236; India Genack 276; Pat Coghlan 351; Jeri Segal 142; Steven Toriello 445; Peter Stenshoel 235.


Bruce Teter called the class back to order leading 105. Mary Rose O’Leary led 68b for Julia Miranda, who was unable to attend. Irene Gilb conducted the memorial lesson in memory of the following deceased; Deborah Dunn, Pan Wright, Mardiah Gleeson, Cheryl Key, Campion (for baby), Irene Williams, Ging Sharour, and Diane Donghue—California; Alfred Grindon—Georgia. She led 455 in their memory.

Leaders: Al Grindon 155; Carl Barnes 159. Al Grindon offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Bruce Teter called the class to order leading 551. Leaders: Jeff Begley 53; Mairye Bates 148; Patch Tseng-Putterman 499; Mimi Wright 410b; Jerry Schreiber 524; Rick Russell 300; Pat Coghlan 272; Frederik Sisa 268; Stephen O’Leary 39t; Wendy Stone 117; Carla Smith 143; Colleen Dougher 178; India Genack 312b.


Leaders: Bruce Teter 114; Peter Stenshoel 503; Mary Rose O’Leary 411; Anne Rardin 47b; Carri Patterson Grindon 58; Steven Toriello 332; Judy Nahman-Stouffer 183; Lizza Bakkes, Heather Lockie, and David Olson 42; Bonnie Mitchell 61; Jeri Segal 372; Stephen O’Leary 448b; Irene Gilb 49b.

A business meeting was held to hear committee reports, and then announcements were made. The class took the parting hand with Irene Gilb leading 62. Al Grindon offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Irene Gilb; Vice Chairman—Bruce Teter; Secretary—David Olson