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Berkshire Foothills Singing

Old Meeting House, Granville, Massachusetts

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The 10th annual Berkshire Foothills All-Day Singing was brought to order by Sally Langendorf leading 52t. The opening prayer was offered by Dan Hertzler.

A business session was called to order in which the following officers were elected to serve: Chairlady—Joanne Fuller; Vice Chairlady—Becky Wright; Secretary—Mary Andrews; Arranging Committee—Philippa Stoddard and Anya Skibbie.

Leaders: Joanne Fuller 32t; Becky Wright 73t; Mary Andrews 47t; Philippa Stoddard 313t; Anya Skibbie 29t; John Holbrook 477; Porter James 457; Tatiana Hargreaves and Molly Merrett 455; Keiller Mose 204; Rebecca Hawkins 269; John Hughes 466; Liz Patton 569t; Nathan Aldrich 227; George Sigut 178; Lilly Israel 129; Nicholas Tuff 49b; Kelly Taylor 146.


Mary Skidmore and Barbara Swetman called the class back to order leading 111b. Leaders: Leland Kusmer 123b; Brian Harris 328; Ivy Hauser 127; Richard Schmeidler 543; Jesse Flynn 454; Tristan Gordon 482; Peggy Kadina-Mazela and Anya Skibbie 106; Andal Sundaramurthy 500; Christine Andrews 89; David Rosenberg 547; Claire Moore-Cantwell 481; Alvaro Witt Duarte 442; Anna Kellar 42; Bill Holt 550; Brian Collett 551; Laura Hodges 406; Maggie Shar 348b.


Micah Walter and Liz Cantrell called the class back to order leading 82t. Leaders: Jesse Vear 273; Scott Luscombe 548; Molly Merrett 187; Peter Irvine 59; Alice Maggio and Jesse Polhemus 448t; Dean Jens 291; Devereaux Fuller 196; Barbara Swetman 312t; Robert Stoddard 278b; Laura Timmerman 564; Ines Lüttgen 100; Mike Richards 534; Gracie Schell 107; Jeremy Galvagni 53; Joan Frankel 414; Gedney Barclay 351; Linda Shea 400; Patrick Friesen 285t; Kathy Collett 245; Jennie Brown 411. A blessing for the noon meal was offered by Christine Andrews.


Brian Harris called the class back to order leading 203. Leaders: Emma Swartz 88t; Micah Walter 179; Cheri Hardy 371; Rachel Speer 372; Jean Seiler 472; Dan Hertzler 567; Emma Rose Brown 419; Ruth Wampler 279; Liz Cantrell 142; Elizabeth Stoddard 102; Corrine Ducey 216; Mary Gowins 536; Jesse Polhemus 383; Allison Blake Steel 384; Stina Soderling 277; Zoë Madonna 306; Kerry Culling 63; Mary Skidmore 282; Emily Hancock 335; Donna and Leslie 163b.


Laura Timmerman and Emma Rose Brown called the class back to order leading 111t. Leaders: Wendy Sibbison 30t; Sheila Kelley 344; Gerald Clark and Ruth Wampler 268; Ron Trial 276; Cat Walsh 105; Rachel Speer and Dean Jens 532; Liz Cantrell and Jean Seiler 217; Patrick Friesen and Mike Richards 222; Andal Sundaramurthy and Ines Lüttgen 208; Robert Stoddard and Elizabeth Stoddard 423; Emma Swartz and Cheri Hardy 183; Dan Hertzler and Scott Luscombe 506; Mary Skidmore and Emily Hancock 270; Jesse Polhemus and Jesse Vear 314; Brian Collett and Kathy Collett 474; Laura Hodges and Corrine Ducey 542; Jesse Flynn and Anna Keller 148.

Joanne Fuller, Becky Wright, and Mary Andrews led 62 as the closing song. Dan Herztler offered the closing prayer.

Chairlady—Joanne Fuller; Vice Chairlady—Becky Wright; Secretary—Mary Andrews