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London Singing

Highgate URC Chapel, London, United Kingdom

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The 8th annual London All-Day Singing was held at Highgate URC Chapel, Pond Square, London, and was called to order by Francis Gaskin leading 60. Marjorie Brown offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ed Johnson-Williams 33b; Susannah Gill 37b; Marjorie Brown 171; Victoria Timberlake 102; Teresa Maguire 313t; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 84; Ella Cumber 212; Jan Lawrence 523; Barry Parsons 375; Toni Söderqvist 103; Andrew Clark 34b; Rachel Wemyss 80t; Emily Isaac 40; Nick Hall 515; Barton Creeth 274t; Leilai Immel 81b; Eli Petzold 306; Toby Goss 49b; Rachel Jordan 29t; Edwin Macadam 351; Ian Lamb 547; Steve Brett 439.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Francis Gaskin; Treasurer—Teresa Maguire; Chaplain—Andrew Clark; Arranging Officer—Susannah Gill; Secretary—Ed Johnson-Williams.


Cora Wareh called the class to order leading 481. Leaders: Matthew Parkinson and Jamie Creeth 101b; Sarah West 26; Tarik Wareh 166; Hyke Sakaras 457; Sheila Girling Macadam 280; Diane Hayward and Calum Woods 162; Faiz Wareh 406; Crispin Walker 405; Oskar Kvasnes 63; Miranda Harrison-Quillin 154; Chris Cotter 57; Inga Hübner 193; Dominik Fraune 147b; Julie Russell 155; Stefan Seat 278t; Johannes Sauer 82t; Florent Decherf 506.

Barry Parson spoke and read the following list of names of the sick and housebound: Geoffrey Rendle; Helena Beddoe; Phoebe Davidson; Dona Reynolds; Helen Bushell; Nigel Cumber; Amanda Parkes; Sheila Dodsworth; Jackie Saunders; Paula Mogenson; Franz-Josef Fraune.

Andrew Clark conducted the memorial lesson, and led 122 in remembrance of the following people: Gillian Woodward, Irene Smith, Alma Saxby, Charles Dodsworth, Ruth Steggles, Fred Bennett, Bob King, Sue Wheeler, Gisela Sakaras, and Dee.

Leaders: Joe Vickers 499; Pattie Wareh 72b; Gideon Dresdner 208; Amelia Osborn 288; Nick Hall 215; Leila Immel 206; Toni Söderqvist 277; Ella Cumber 383; Rachel Wemyss 180. Amy Kutz gave thanks for the midday meal.


Steve Brett called the class to order by leading 398. Leaders: Rachel Jordan 318; Eli Petzold 196; Calum Woods 542; Marjorie Brown 228; Edwin Macadam 236; Jacqui Knowles 117; Arthur Swindells 377; Sarah West 475; Tarik Wareh 217; Sheila Girling Macadam 203; Gideon Dresdner 131t; Crispin Walker 444; Pattie Wareh 276; Florent Decherf 440; Inga Hübner 94; Chris Cotter 213t; Rachel Adelstein 268; Matthew Parkinson 189; Julie Russell 107; Dominik Fraune 287; Oskar Kvasnes 66; Corah Wareh 68b; Stefan Svat 332; Barry Parsons 434.


Faiz Wareh called the class to order leading 68t. Leaders: Amelia Osborn 178; Ed Johnson-Williams 201; Emily Isaac 282; Toby Goss 47b; Barton Creeth 38b; Arthur Swindells 362; Teresa Maguire 30b; Joe Vickers 324; Jan Lawrence 339; Ian Lamb 209; Rachel Adelstein 218; Andrew Clark 235; Jackie Knowles 65; Johannes Sauer 224; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 56b.

The Secretary reported that seventy-two singers had registered. There were fifty-two leaders and ninety-five songs were sung.

Francis Gaskin led 414 as the closing song. Joe Vickers offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Francis Gaskin; Secretary—Ed Johnson-Williams