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Columbus Singing School

Karl Road Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Columbus Sacred Harp Singers gathered at Karl Road Baptist Church with members of the KRBC choir for an afternoon singing school and “Introduction to Sacred Harp”. Ohio singers from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chillicothe, and Dayton added their voices to the day. Rob Rucker, the KRBC Choir Director, welcomed everyone and offered a prayer. A bountiful noontime meal was shared as singers and choir members mingled.

Laura Russell called the class to order by leading 72b. She welcomed everyone, and thanked Rob Rucker for inviting the singers to share their love of Sacred Harp with the choir. Nigel Ewan offered a prayer.

Michael Darby taught a singing lesson referring to the Rudiments in the front of the book, practicing scales and intervals, and leading 49t, 49b, and 39t to illustrate his points and practice parts. He asked Laura Russell to lead 107. The attentive class asked questions and sang well. The singing lesson concluded, and the class was turned over to the Arranging Officer, who called leaders for the next two hours.

Leaders: Lia Mansfield 515; Ray Rechenberg 565; Carly Monnin 448t; Brad Oglesby 34b; Ally Talbot 178; Greg Creech and John Kirn 159.


Laura Russell called the class back to order leading 45t. Leaders: Nigel Ewan 344; Beth Todd 146; Ed Walton and Ray Rechenberg 268; Michael Darby and Charlie Ernst 133; Laura Russell and Rob Rucker 163t; Brad Oglesby 87; Beth Todd and Maria Landrum 501; Ray Rechenberg and Laura Hall 276; Ally Talbot and Anne Shock 474; Lia Mansfield and Tim Leykauf 142; Nigel Ewan 143; Carly Monnin and Laura Russell 299; Ed Walton and Beth Todd 236; Greg Creech 86; Michael Darby 300; Joel-Henry Mansfield 163b; Laura Russell 532; Lia Mansfield 209; Ray Rechenberg 40; Carly Monnin 282; Nigel Ewan 480; Rob Rucker 411.

Laura Russell thanked KRBC for their invitation, the delicious food, and joyful singing. Announcements were made, and Ohio’s three regular singings were mentioned. The class sang 347 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Nigel Ewan.

Singing Master—Michael Darby; Chairman—Laura Russell; Chaplain—Nigel Ewan; Arranging Officer and Secretary—Joel-Henry Mansfield