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Sydney Singing

Dickson St. Space, Newtown, New South Wales, Australia

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The 5th annual Sydney All-Day Sacred Harp singing was held in the Dickson St. Space in Newtown, on Saturday before the second Sunday in July. Karen Willard taught an introductory singing school, taking the class through the rudiments with reference to several songs. The Chairperson, Meg Quinlisk, gave the Acknowledgement of Country, welcomed everyone to the singing, and introduced the appointed officers. Margo Lanagan offered the opening prayer, and led 481.

Leaders: Ruby Foster 34t; Caitlin McHugh 495; Geoff Grainger 156; Margo Lanagan 86; Meg Quinlisk 452; Ruth McNamara 274t; Karen Willard 171; Melanie Albrecht 107; Margo Lanagan 117; Ruby Foster 335; Geoff Grainger 313b; Meg Quinlisk and Christy Newman 410t.


The class was called back to order by Ken Hallock leading 70t. Leaders: Ruth McNamara 34b; Karen Willard 99; Melanie Albrecht 106; Cath Ivin 457; Margo Lanagan and Kathryn Heyman 45t; Ruby Foster 70b; Meg Quinlisk 294; Elaena Gardner 47b; Tricia Entwhistle 479; Margo Lanagan 112; Geoff Grainger 178; Ken Hallock 144; Ruth McNamara 31t; Elaena Gardner 142; Karen Willard 430; Melanie Albrecht 277.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Margo Lanagan, who spoke about the purpose of the memorial lesson being the Sacred Harp tradition’s insistence on our facing the reality of our own deaths. Margo led 340 in remembrance of the dead and for those who are sick or shut-in, and for absent friends.

The singing resumed with Caitlin McHugh leading 342. Leaders: Karen Willard and Margo Lanagan 236. Margo Lanagan asked the blessing of the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Meg Quinlisk leading 46. Leaders: Melanie Albrecht 38b; Cath Ivin 388; Tricia Entwhistle 186; Ruby Foster 155; Caitlin McHugh 40; Margo Lanagan 134; Geoff Grainger 242; Meg Quinlisk 127; Ken Hallock 278t; Ruth McNamara 49t; Elaena Gardner 268; Karen Willard 128; Melanie Albrecht 455; Cath Ivin 282; Tricia Entwhistle 334; Ruby Foster 122; Caitlin McHugh 284; Margo Lanagan 338; Geoff Grainger 339; Meg Quinlisk 472; Ken Hallock 276; Ruth McNamara 56b; Elaena Gardner 209.


The class was called back to order by Karen Willard leading 30t. Leaders: Melanie Albrecht 31b; Cath Ivin 350; Tricia Entwhistle 38t; Ruby Foster 76b; Caitlin McHugh 319; Margo Lanagan 318; Geoff Grainger 143; Meg Quinlisk 523; Ken Hallock 148; Ruth McNamara 535; Cath Ivin 146; Elaena Gardner 344; Karen Willard 330b; Melanie Albrecht 49b.

Meg Quinlisk expressed the gratitude of the class to all those who contributed to the day. The closing prayer was offered by Margo Lanagan, who then led 62 as the closing song. Announcements were made. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Meg Quinlisk; Secretaries—Ruby Foster and Caitlin McHugh