Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New York State Regional Singing

Old Songs Community Arts Center, Voorheesville, New York

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Albany area New York State Regional Singing was called to order by Pattie Wareh leading 49t. The opening prayer was offered by Joanne Fuller.

Leaders: Pattie Wareh 171; Mary Skidmore 101t; Joanne Fuller 59; Patricia Geritz 479; Dennis Leipold 480; Nina Zanetti 40; Nicholas Tuff 47b; Sally Langendorf 548; Brian Harris 213t; Barbara Swetman 203; Eric Hildebrant 236; Sheila Kelley 224; Leon Pulsinelle 271b; Gwen Gethner 348b; Chelsea Smiley 38t.


The class was called back together by Cora Wareh and Lindsay Kruse leading 58. Leaders: Allison Steel 105; Tarik Wareh 152; Ines Luttgen 29b; Andre Kuney 272; Julia Reischel 209; Faiz Wareh 126; Rachel Speer 271t; Keillor Mose 354b; Kassie Urban-Mead 155; George Sigut 86; Ian Smiley 352; Tarik Wareh 204; Mary Skidmore 499; Martha Rogers 270; Nina Zanetti 347; Patricia Geritz 47t.


Chelsea Smiley and Ian Smiley led 159 to call the class to order. Leaders: Bill Holt 222; Dennis Leipold 228; Rebeka Radna-Crasta 290; Paula Picton 139; Dean Jens 349; Lindsay Kruse 124; Dev Crasta 178; Nancy Mandel 275t; Micah Walter 564; Lauren Keeley 274t; Barbara Swetman 540; Brian Harris 376; Sally Langendorf 148; Faiz Wareh 292; Joanne Fuller 460; Andre Kuney 282; Cora Wareh 481; Eric Hildebrant 551. Grace for the noon meal was offered by Paula Picton.


The class was called back to order by Faiz Wareh and Leon Pulsinelle leading 81t. Leaders: Chelsea Smiley 71; Kassie Urban-Mead 504; Dev Crasta 56b; Lindsay Kruse 436; Micah Walter 384; Lauren Keeley 146; Bill Holt 269; Paula Picton 373; Keillor Mose 53; Nancy Mandel 411; Leon Pulsinelle 440; Rachel Speer 441; Gwen Gethner 192; Ines Luttgen 399b; Allison Steel 302; Martha Rogers 76b; George Sigut 448t; Julia Reischel 87; Nicholas Tuff 448b; Noel Phillips 335.


Ines Luttgen and Martha Rogers called the class to order by leading 319. Leaders: David Rosenberg and Jean Rosenberg 452; Sheila Kelley 216; Ian Smiley 110; Cora Wareh 122; Dean Jens 220; Rebeka Radna-Crasta 38b; Noel Phillips 34t; Tarik Wareh and Mary Jean McCarthy 326; Micah Walter and Brian Harris 57; Sally Langendorf and Allison Steel 401; Paula Picton and Nancy Mandel 569t; Keillor Mose and Andre Kuney 318; Bill Holt and Eric Hildebrant 344; Gwen Gethner 72t; Kitty Vagery 39t; Barbara Swetman and Dennis Leipold 475; Julia Reischel and Lindsay Kruse 217; Dean Jens and Leon Pulsinelle 503; Nina Zanetti and Patricia Geritz 49b.

A brief business meeting was convened to accept reports from the officers. The Secretary reported that ninety-three songs were sung today with forty leaders. There were fifty-nine attendees from NY, CT, MA, VT and NJ. Announcements of upcoming singings were made.

Pattie Wareh, Tarik Wareh, Joanne Fuller, Mary Skidmore, Mary Jean McCarthy, and Patricia Geritz led 62 as the closing song. Gwen Gethner offered the final blessing.

Chairman—Pattie Wareh; Secretary—Mary Skidmore