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Portland Sacred Harp Singing

The Little Church, Portland, Oregon

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The 10th annual Portland Sacred Harp All-Day Singing was called to order by Steve Helwig leading 448b. Thom Fahrbach offered the morning prayer.

A business meeting was held to elect the following officers: Chairperson—Julie Strayer Thoma; Treasurer—Nell Whitman; Secretary—Betsy Jeronen.

Leaders: Betsy Jeronen 61; Dan Thoma 26; Dorothy Robinson 70b; John Berendzen 349; Ruth Lineham 148; Delia Barrans 354b; Steve Tarr 179; Ana Tighe 99; Ben Brown 268; Nancy Novotny 442; Marie Brandis 474; Ann Huckins 228; Laura McMurray 73t; Greg Saue 415.


The class was called back to order by Julie Strayer Thoma leading 37b. Leaders: Bruce Rowland 67; Joel Menk 210; Concetta Branson 39t; Roylan Messinger 535; Jennifer Jones 472; Jack Lofton 328; Jake Kiakahi 48t; Ben Copenhaver 463; Linda Berkemeier 421 (for Janelle Davis); Mary Rose O’Leary 300; Kevin Beirne and Ruth Wampler 381 (in memory of Oliver Kindig-Stokes); Jen Rymut 402; Nathan Berry 68t; John Wiens 271t; Destiny Woods 505; Jeff Begley 501; Sean Francis Conway 33b.


The class was called back to order by Steve Cackley leading 274b. Leaders: Kathy Vlach 344; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 142; Scott Kennedy 149; David Wright 171; Emma Rose Brown 476; Marilyn Murata 456; Adam Berey 318; AnnaLeigh Smith 378t; Eva Striebeck 488; Pat Coghlan 187; Leah Coffin 564; Kevin Barrans 168; Tamara Harris 89; Lucinda Saue 532. The noon blessing was offered by Thom Fahrbach.


The class was called back to order by Steve Helwig leading 47t. Leaders: Melissa Stevenson 457; Jake Hachey 480; Cornelia Stanton 473; Mary Gowins 222; Karen Willard 560; Chris Cotter 573; Anna Pfau 362; Clarissa Fetrow 234; Ruth Wampler 394; Kiri Miller 377; Carol Huang 419; Jane Cannon 548; Erik Schwab 220; Lindy Groening 181; Jennie Brown 411; Evelyn Lamb 367; Bob Schinske 91; Gillian Inksetter 151; Carolyn Deacy 384; Erika Wilson 123b.


The class was called back to order by Stephanie Fida leading 445. Leaders: Kate Fine 475; Eric Holt 38b; Nell Whitman 159; Thom Fahrbach 110; Anna Pfau 428; Ben Copenhaver and Ben Brown 203; Kiri Miller 157; Sean Francis Conway 491; Mary Rose O’Leary and Carolyn Deacy 217; Jane Cannon and Eva Striebeck 182; Scott Kennedy 551; Jeff Begley 130; Chris Cotter, Emma Rose Brown, and Carol Huang 112; Evelyn Lamb 542; Ruth Wampler 279; Jack Lofton, Clarissa Fetrow, and Erik Schwab 392; Kevin Beirne, Gillian Inksetter, Jack Hachey, and Lacee Landry 269; Tamara Harris, AnnaLeigh Smith, Jake Kiakahi, Nathan Berry, Stephanie Argo, and Joel Menk 229; Karen Willard and Marilyn Murata 492; Kathy Vlach, Bob Schinske, and David Wright 352; Jennie Brown and Lindy Groening 192; John Wiens, Adam Berey, and Kevin Barrans 277; Leah Coffin and Mary Gowins 500; Greg Saue and Lucinda Saue 178.

The business meeting was reopened. The Treasurer reported the day’s expenses were met. The Arranging Committee reported ninety-five songs sung and seventy leaders.

Julie Strayer Thoma and Dan Thoma led 36b as the closing song. Thom Fahrbach offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Julie Strayer Thoma; Secretary—Betsy Jeronen