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Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing,
Spring Session

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Harrison, Arkansas

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Spring Session, was called to order by Dan Brittain leading 31b, and then he welcomed all to the singing.

Leaders: Syd Caldwell 49b; Katy Black 143, 87; Bill Price 81t, 299; Anita Buswell 85, 145b; David Johnson 159, 268; Bill Caldwell 99, 350; Will Sims 178, 71.

The class elected the following officers: Chairman—Dan Brittain; Vice Chairman—Bill Caldwell; Secretary—Katy Black.

Leaders: Dan Brittain 13 (MH), 75 (MH); Syd Caldwell 113 (MH), 172 (MH).


Nancy Price brought the class back to order leading 384 (CB), 54t (CB).

Leaders: Syd Caldwell 336b (CB) (for Stanley Smith); Katy Black 32t, 551; Anita Buswell 571 (CB), 410 (CB); Bill Price 559 (CB), 515 (CB); Bill Caldwell 135 (MH), 180 (MH); Dan Brittain 72b, 73b; Nancy Price 117, 335 (CB); Dan Brittain 164 (MH).


Dan Brittain called the class back to order leading 62 (MH). Leaders: Will Sims 47b (CB), 488b (CB); Andrew Albers 488t (CB), 477 (CB); David Johnson 128 (CB), 45t (CB); Syd Caldwell 340 (for B.M. and Margie Smith), 318.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Bill Price, who spoke in memory of Lora Cargo and Nellie Mae White—Alabama; Lea Caudle—Arkansas; C.W. Garner and George Garner—Georgia; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; and Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania. We sang 53 in their memory.

Syd Caldwell spoke on behalf of the following sick and shut-ins: Betty Bamliss, Frank Christel, Betty Christel, Gail Cowart, Janelle Davis, Jeannette DePoy, Norma Green, Nate Green, Susan Harcrow, Myrl Jones, Earlis McGraw, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, B.M. Smith, Margie Smith, Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith, Floy Wilder, and Jewel Wootten. We sang 463 (CB) to encourage them.

Leaders: Bill Price, Nancy Price, and Syd Caldwell 288; Dan Brittain 480, 16 (MH) (for Janelle Davis); Bill Caldwell 138t; Anita Buswell 282, 496; Syd Caldwell 418 (for Norma Green).


Andrew Albers brought the class back into session leading 124 and 140.

Leaders: Bill Price and Nancy Price 96 (CB), 58 (CB); Syd Caldwell, Mary Alice Ingham, and Mary Ellen Wilkinson 59; Syd Caldwell 217; Katy Black, Monica Beery, and Anita Buswell 61; Katy Black 36b, 34b; Dan Brittain 125; Bill Caldwell 497; Syd Caldwell, Andrew Albers, and David Johnson 236. Announcements were made.

Syd Caldwell, Andrew Albers, and Bill Price led 472 as the closing song.

Chairman—Dan Brittain; Vice Chairman—Bill Caldwell; Secretary—Katy Black