Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing

County Line Church, near Corner, Alabama

August 30, 1997

The seventeenth annual Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the fifth Sunday in August at County Line Church, near Corner, Alabama. The class was called to order by Cassie Franklin leading songs on pages 30t and 73t. Elder Ronald Gilmore offered the morning prayer.

The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairperson—Allison Ivey; Vice Chairman—Richard Ivey; Secretary—Cassie Franklin; Arranging Committee Stuart Ivey. Allison Ivey led songs on pages 144 and 120.

Leaders: Stuart Ivey 480, 29t; Richard Ivey 306, 100; Patricia Mauldin 63, 45t, 146; Brandy Hingle 117, 128; Pam Nunn 300, 455; J. L. Hopper 195, 187; Karen Ivey 208, 209; Clayton Ezell 163t, 268; Cecil Sanders 101t; Cindy Franklin 358, 327.


Allison Ivey called the class back together leading song on page 299. Leaders: David Ivey 202, 138t; Rev. Arnold Tate 68b; Shelbie Sheppard 139, 157; Buell Cobb 81b, 410t; Bud Oliver 42, 332; Judy Caudle 212, 90; Jeff Sheppard 129, 454; David Hough 385t, 384; Glenda Hopper 566, 171; Velton Chafin 415, 97; Elder Ronald Gilmore 74t, 411; Shelley Capps 84, 142.


Richard Ivey called the afternoon session to order leading son on page 222. Leaders: Wanda Capps 53, 200; Edith Tate 37t; Richard Mauldin 36b, 143.

At this time a memorial lesson was held to honor lovers and singers of Sacred Harp that have passed away in the past year. Pam Nunn led 47b in their memory. Buell Cobb led 109 for the sick and shut ins. The memorial was closed with prayer by Karen Ivey.

Singing was resumed with the following leaders called: Katharine Hough 114, 183; Ann Jett 546, 496; Billy Williams 297; Cassie Franklin 352 (by request); Willodean Barton 145t; Harrison Creel 335; Delwin Cleghorn 159, 445b; B. B. Mattox 155, 430; Ila Ingle 498; Randy Creel 111b; Gordon Wilkerson 475; Pauline Childers 269, 318; Flarce Creel 389; Travis Keeton 400, 321b; L. H. Gilmore 376; Virginia Bonham 334.

Reports from committees were given, and announcements were made.

All of the young people present led 87 for the closing song, and Elder L. H. Gilmore dismissed the class with prayer.

(Editor’s Note: The 1998 session of this singing will be held at Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church, Austin, Texas. See front listings of the singing.)

Chairperson—Allison Ivey; Vice Chairman—Richard Ivey; Secretary—Cassie Franklin.