Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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State Line Church

Near Muscadine, Cleburne County, Alabama

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The annual Sacred Harp singing at State Line Church, off Hwy 78 at the Alabama/Georgia state line in Cleburne County, Alabama, was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in April. The class was called to order by Rodney Ivey leading 82t. Eddie Mash offered the opening prayer.

The class was organized by retaining the same officers as follows: Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Vice Chairman—B.M. Smith; Secretary—Judy Caudle; Arranging Officer—Judy Chambless.

Leaders: Rodney Ivey 76b; B.M. Smith 30b; Judy Caudle 85; Jack Nelson 551; Robert Chambless 452 (in memory of David Watts); Reba Windom 192; Jim Aaron 47b; Angela Myers 272; Henry Johnson 435; Loyd Ivey 303; Rene Greene 456; Paul Lindholm 419; Bea Aaron 568; Jeannette DePoy 421; David Ivey 195 (in memory of Shelbie Sheppard); Ulrike Tietjen 50t; Pam Nunn 216 (in memory of Shelbie Sheppard); Tom Owen 474; Winfred Kerr 314.


B.M. Smith led 101t to bring the class together. Leaders: Judy Mincey 475; Harald Grundner 82b; Anna Hinton 142; Darrell Swarens 208; Karen Rollins and Rodney Ivey 365; Daniel Williams 123b; Eddie Mash 556; Judy Van Duzer 77t; Adrian Eldridge 210; Laura Densmore 486; Cecil Roberts 312b (for Earlis McGraw); Ben Fink 99; Anita Landess 379; Helen Bryson 546; Gary Rogan 155; Sarah Huckaby 186; Vivian Rogan 215.


The class was brought back to order by David Ivey leading 144. Leaders: Tony Hammock 284 (for Earlis McGraw); Brenda Dunlap 288; Corrie Van Duzer 117; Nathan Stewart 377; David Smead 153.

Helen Bryson conducted the memorial lesson. She read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Earlis McGraw, Nate Green, Norma Green, Eloise Wootten, Susan Harcrow, Janelle Davis, Johnny Lee, Delorese Lee, and Susan Bingham. Helen then read the following list of names of the deceased: Sharon Noojin, Evelyn Harris, Nellie Mae White, Elder Neal Pritchard, and Robert DuPree—Alabama; George Garner, Robert DePoy, and Bernice Stedman Thompson—Georgia; Bennett Green—Kansas; Todd N. Thomas—Indiana; John Schaffer and Donald Klein—Colorado.

Helen spoke using “blest be the tie that binds” as her subject matter. She led 330b, and John Kelso closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: David Brodeur 61; Don Bowen 283; Erica Hinton and Lottie Hinton 112; Kathy Williams 273. Matt Hinton asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Rodney Ivey leading 39b. Leaders: John Plunkett 329; Sherrell Cleino 335; Matt Hinton 460; Sandra Wilkinson 277; Elizabeth Gentry 361; Lisa Bennett 45t (in memory of her parents); Donna Bell 225t; Fred Eady 84; Oscar McGuire 344; Scott DePoy 65 (in memory of Robert DePoy); John Kelso 564 (for his mother-in-law); Philip Denney 120; Harald Grundner and Ulrike Tietjen 312t; Tom Owen, Ben Fink, and Paul Lindholm 318; Gary Rogan and Vivian Rogan 159; Corrie Van Duzer and Judy Van Duzer 280 (for Katie); Darrell Swarens, Sarah Huckaby, and Laura Densmore 441; Brenda Dunlap and Anita Landess 275t; Adrian Eldridge, Eddie Mash, and Nathan Stewart 383; Judy Chambless 472 (for all cancer patients); Pam Nunn, Rene Greene, and Reba Windom 269; Rodney Ivey, David Ivey, and Loyd Ivey 426t; Jack Nelson 560.

Pam Nunn gave the Treasurer’s Report for State Line Church. Rodney Ivey and Tom Owen led 56t as the closing song. Tom Owen offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Vice Chairman—B.M. Smith; Secretary—Judy Caudle