Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Potomac River Convention

The Grange, Great Falls, Virginia

April 2-3, 2016

Saturday, April 2

The annual session of the Potomac River Convention was called to order by Nora Miller leading 47t. Kevin Griffin Moreno offered the morning prayer.

The class went into a business session. The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Vice Chairman—Brenda Dunlap; Secretaries—Kathy Manning, Zoe Plaugher, Robin Bisson, and Jim Glaser; Treasurer—Lucas Husted; Arranging Committee—Josh Barnett, Mary Helen Dupree, and Graham DeZarn.

Leaders: Kelly Macklin 171; Matt Roberts 455; Brenda Dunlap 409; Richard Green 163t; Mary Helen Dupree 64; Evan Duncan 122; Jessica Keyes 382; Tim Slattery 315; Mary Ann Daly 324; John delRe 133; Claire Chapin 497; Jim Glaser 438; Joyce Wade 268; Adrian Mariano 296; Kathy Manning 335; Lee Schumacher 117; Joni Seidenstein 106; Joel Miller 404; Julia Seidenstein 284; Lucas Husted 227.


The class was called back together by Corinne Ducey leading 73t. Leaders: Barbara Barry 506; Matt Ference 368; Cat Tucker 454; John Alexander 102; Kat Kohorst 131b; Lamar Matthew 156; Adrienne Robertson 300; Ben Shirley 38b; Abigail Beavin 67; Kevin Griffin Moreno 192; Diane Ober 410t; Leon Pulsinelle 228; Rachel Hall 410b; Guy Bankes 543; Liz Meitzler 68b; Joshua Barnett 384; Lydia Llewallen 114; Graham DeZarn 201; Mel Novner 208; Merry Bruns 229; Kyle Johnston 61.


The class was called back to order by Mary Helen Dupree leading 87. Leaders: Joel Miller 100; Chris Wolf 203; Ina Shea 130; Myles Dakan 542; Carol Buche 86; Jesse Polhemus 426t; Nora Miller 379; Karl Dise 417; Sophie Soloway 442; Patrick Friesen 196; Becca Gibson 500; Jesse Krikorian 128; Corinne Ducey 492; Mary Langley 416; Rachel Speer 470; Owen Kelley 105; Bridget Camden 110; Kyle Johnston 99; Molly Hickman 376; Adrienne Robertson 59; Jill Geroca 144; Dean Jens 536; Mel Novner 270; Elissa Kreig 159; Matt Roberts 112.


The class was called together by Joshua Barnett leading 76b. Leaders: Leon Pulsinelle 278t; Lydia Llewallen 445; Les Updike 373; Martha Burns 288; Rachel Hall 181; Robin Betz 178; Karl Dise 320; Susan Green 272; Jessica Keyes 480; Pat Hilgard 254; Myles Dakan 138t; Abigail Beavin 426b; Guy Bankes 352; Carol Buche 547; Patrick Friesen 436; Bev Yaeger 142; Ina Shea 456; Jesse Polhemus 560; Jesse Krikorian 96; Julia Seidenstein 39t; Chris Wolf 200; Becca Gibson 405; Lamar Matthew 522; Sophie Soloway 398; Kevin Griffin Moreno 354t; Rachel Speer 217; Ben Shirley 294; Diane Ober 551; Joel Miller 329.

Kelly Macklin led 323t as the closing song. Kevin Griffin Moreno offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, April 3

The Sunday session of the Potomac River Convention was brought to order by Kelly Macklin leading 140 (ShH). Song selections were from the Shenandoah Harmony.

Leaders: Jim Glaser 293 (ShH); Mary Ann Daly 21 (ShH); Lucas Husted 114 (ShH); Bev Yaeger 310 (ShH); Tim Slattery 264b (ShH); Nora Miller 385 (ShH); Matt Roberts 78 (ShH); Brenda Dunlap 422 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 46 (ShH); Gillie Campbell 1b (ShH); Kevin Griffin Moreno 416 (ShH); Joni Seidenstein 241 (ShH); Joel Miller 184 (ShH); Claire Chapin 80 (ShH); Josh Barnett 36 (ShH); Adrian Mariano 278 (ShH); Jessica Keyes 105 (ShH); John Alexander 434 (ShH); Corinne Ducey 145 (ShH).


The class was called back to order by John D. delRe leading 363b (ShH). Leaders: Liz Meitzler 15 (ShH); Ben Shirley 79 (ShH); Julia Seidenstein 320 (ShH); Robin Bisson 431 (ShH); Kat Kohorst 424b (ShH); Dean Jens 227 (ShH); Cheryl Mitchell 191 (ShH); Chris Wolf 319 (ShH); Bridget Camden 60 (ShH); Jesse Krikorian 112 (ShH); Abigail Beavin 34 (ShH); Mary Helen Dupree 171 (ShH); Peter Pate 2 (ShH); Rachel Hall 154 (ShH); Barbara Barry 225 (ShH); Gerald Clark 236 (ShH); Kyle Dice 403b (ShH); Miranda Elliot-Rader 22b (ShH); Kyle Johnston 404 (ShH).

The memorial lesson was conducted by John W. delRe. “We come to the singings large and small for a complicated mix of socializing, music, and spirituality.” John quoted: ‘And then there is also a need that each should understand where he came from and what she is- and what will become of him’ Archbishop of York, Wulfstan 1002-1023. We remembered the following sick and shut-ins: Rosalie Duncan, Ethel Strube, Ralph Lee Smith, Frank Duncan, April Majka, Laura Densmore, Martin Kilmer, Helen Slattery, Sue Nord, and Alan Jabbour.

We remembered the following deceased: Oliver Kindig-Stokes, Betty Hanf, Mary Mullen—Pennslyvania; Robert DuPree—Alabama; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; David Strother, Rocky Fagan, and Jim Fagan—Maryland; Pat Goodman, Hayden Hurst, and Jamie Pocklington—Virginia; Larry Manahan—Minnesota; Joseph Trevellin—Illinois; Brian Love—Connecticut; Alice Rainaldi, Toney Rainaldi, Francesca Costantino, and Ernesto Costantino—Michigan; Leon J. Pulsinelle, Hugh Kilmer, and Joe Neighmond—New Jersey; Madeline Rockcastle and Verne Rockcastle—New York; Prennis Page—North Carolina; John Schaffer—Colorado. John led 380 (ShH). Kevin Griffin Moreno led a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Thomas Ward 129 (ShH), Jim Glaser 127 (ShH).


The class was called back to order by Matt Roberts leading 1b (ShH). Leaders: Myles Dakan 1t (ShH); Becca Gibson 290 (ShH); Jesse Polhemus 99 (ShH); Jimmy Brady 296 (ShH); Ina Shea 398 (ShH); Michael Nord 242 (ShH); Lydia Llewellen 364b (ShH); Patrick Friesen 96b (ShH); Carol Buche 110 (ShH); Thomas Ward 169 (ShH); Sophie Soloway 14 (ShH); Lucas Husted 266 (ShH); Rachel Speer 60b (ShH); Karl Dise 125 (ShH); Martha Burns 260 (ShH); Rachel Hall 324 (ShH); Jesse Krikorian 170 (ShH); Jessica Keyes 381 (ShH); Gerald Clark 76 (ShH).


Bethany Towne called the class together leading 339b (ShH). Leaders: Nora Miller 329 (ShH); Bridget Camden 287 (ShH); Dean Jens 414b (ShH); Rachel Hall, Jesse Krikorian, Thomas Ward, Ina Shea, and Bethany Towne 254 (ShH); Corinne Ducey 253 (ShH); Joni Seidenstein 326b (ShH); Kelly Macklin and Josh Barnett 417 (ShH); Robert Landrum 16 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 104b (ShH); Carol Buche 140b (ShH); Kevin Griffin Moreno 130 (ShH); Robin Bisson 17 (ShH); Miranda Elliot-Rader 81 (ShH); Lucas Husted and Michael Nord 113 (ShH); Lydia Llewallen, Kyle Johnston, and Abigail Beavin 3b (ShH); Myles Dakan 323 (ShH); Brenda Dunlap and Mary Helen Dupree 305 (ShH); Jesse Polhemus, Sophie Soloway, and Patrick Friesen 239 (ShH); Matt Roberts 457 (ShH); Josh Barnett and Chris Wolf 248b (ShH); Becca Gibson and John delRe 56 (ShH).

Kelly Macklin led 157 (ShH) as the closing song. Brenda Dunlap offered resolutions. Kevin Griffin Moreno asked for a blessing on the day.

Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Vice Chairman—Brenda Dunlap; Secretaries—Kathy Manning, Mary Helen Dupree, Zoe Plaugher, Jim Glaser, and Robin Bisson