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Sally Coghlan Memorial

St. Clement’s Episcopal Church, Rancho Cordova, California

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The first Sally Coghlan Memorial singing was called to order by Matthew Lawson leading 312b. The opening prayer was offered by Jennie Brown.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Pat Coghlan; Vice Chairman—Mo Coghlan; Treasurer—Gretchen Muller; Secretary—Matthew Lawson; Arranging Officer—Jennie Brown.

Leaders: Gretchen Muller 68b; Jennie Brown 47t; Dave Davidson-Methot 127; Rebecca Edwards 105; Josh Brent 47b; Carolyn Deacy 29t; Linda Domholt 348t; Leigh Cooper 456; Susan Turpin 328; Mary Ann Ciavonne 114; Karen Matthews 547; Mark Godfrey 313b; Jeff Begley 27; Ed Rice 86; Linda Berkemeier 52t; Terry Barber 128; Joel Chan 445; Thom Fahrbach 444; Greg Freed 42.


The class was called to order by Mary Ann Ciavonne and Linda Domholt leading 28b. Leaders: Mary Gowins 283; Doris Loughner 479; Marsha Genensky 216; Karen Willard 214; Dave Barber 181; Dan Harper 66; Lindy Groening 560; Linda Booth 236; Clarissa Fetrow 192; Betty Marvin 486; Steve Helwig 100; Rebecca Edwards 422; Leigh Cooper 426t; Gretchen Muller 324; Jennie Brown 564; Jeff Begley 440; Linda Berkemeier 30t; Carolyn Deacy 432; Ed Rice 183; Dave Davidson-Methot 220.


The class was called to order by Dave Barber leading 31t. Leaders: Joel Chan 35; Susan Turpin 312t; Thom Fahrbach 345b; Matthew Lawson 112; Mary Gowins 556.

Linda Berkemeier and Stuart Pettygrove conducted the memorial lesson. Linda reminded us of the power of remembering those who could not be with us, and led 330b to encourage the following sick and shut-ins: Ron Huss, Jim Harder, Amanda Meller, Melanie Hauff, Laird Schaub, Janelle Davis, Dan Thoma, Julie Thoma, Susan Harcrow, and Jeannette DePoy.

Linda Berkemeier then spoke of those who passed in the preceding year, including the following: Pastor David Bringman, Annie Lundahl, Nicholas Radelmiller, Ransom Rideout, Fr. Gregg Nolta—California; Douglas Casement—Florida; Louise Ferrell, Tammi Ziola, Sara Hauser, Fran Ross—Oregon; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania; Jay Wallace—Virginia; Rose Warnock—Maryland; and Janice Echols—Louisiana. She led 282 in their memory. Jennie Brown closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Lindy Groening 460; Mary Ann Ciavonne 376; Terry Barber 377; Greg Freed 436; Steve Helwig 458; Doris Loughner 59; Betty Marvin 169; Linda Domholt 235. Jennie Brown offered a luncheon prayer.


Clarissa Fetrow and Rebecca Edwards called the class to order by leading 36b. Leaders: Karen Matthews 191; David Fetcho 202; Ken Hallock 272; Thom Fahrbach 37b; Susan Fetcho 277; Mark Godfrey 384; Steve Helwig 532; Terry Barber 217; David Olson 313t; Karen Willard 426b; Jeff Begley 415; Leigh Cooper 392; Pat Coghlan 142; Dan Harper 268; Linda Booth 198; Ed Rice 146; Linda Berkemeier 566 (for Janelle Davis); David H. Wright 551; Jennie Brown 475; Susan Jones 504; Joyce Faidley and Susan Turpin 107.


Lindy Groening called the class to order by leading 162. Leaders: Carolyn Deacy 485; Rosemary Grady and Susan Jones 209; Joel Chan 46; Michelle Berleman 276; David Fetcho and Susan Fetcho 85; Dave Davidson-Methot 39t; Clarissa Fetrow 358; Dave Barber and Greg Freed 455; David Olson 176t; Karen Willard and Ken Hallock 315; Susan Turpin and Carolyn Chamtalain 106; Susan Fetcho 108b; David H. Wright and Susan Jones 186; Linda Domholt 73b; Thom Fahrbach and Mary Gowins 411.

Resolutions were offered from the floor to meet again in roughly the same place in one year’s time, and also to thank St. Clement’s Church for hosting the singing. Both passed unopposed.

Gretchen Muller, Matthew Lawson, and Susan Jones led 62 as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. David Fetcho closed the singing with prayer.

Chairman—Pat Coghlan; Secretary—Matthew Lawson