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Maine Singing

The Old Town House, Union, Maine

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The 13th session of the Maine All-Day Singing met on Saturday before the last Sunday in July. The class was called to order by Pat Callahan leading 171. Corrone Bryant offered the opening prayer, and then led 31b.

Leaders: Peter Golden 111b; Elizabeth Stoddard 32t; Bill Holt 47t; Molly Brewer 59; Owen Stoddard 68b; Stephanie Kierstead 48t; Kris Paprocki 45t; Barb Ames 472; John Travers 448t; Ally Talbot 378t; Bobbie Goodell 151; George Pomfret 496; Philippa Stoddard 85; John Hughes 84.


Chris Noren called the class back together leading 117. Leaders: Clara Fagan 33b; Robert Stoddard 187; Pleasance Crawford 474; Donna Carlson 178; Eric Hildebrant 236; Troad Richmond 481; Kerry Cullinan 29t; Robert Stoddard 313t; Pattie Wareh 106; Celia Devine 362; Terry Ryan 216; Laura Hodges 128; Chris McKnight 110; Ines Lüttgen 206; Patrick Friesen 326.


Bill Holt called the class back to order by leading 148. Leaders: Alexa Gilmore 39t; Scott Luscombe 68t; Joanne Fuller 196; Eric-Dardan Ymeraga 53; Anya Skibbie 203; Mary Skidmore 250.

Emily Hancock conducted the memorial lesson, reading the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins and leading 34t in their honor: Berkley Moore, Frank Fraembs, Ruth Anne Bryant, Juanita Beasley, Marcia Rutledge, Johanna Fabke, Julie Vea, Christine Andrews, Ted O’Connell, David Strother, Toni Strother, Tom Padwa, Joanne Haskell-Katz, and Matt Pugh.

Emily then read the following list of names of the deceased and led 347 in their memory: David Hanson, Bill Booth, Betty King, Sarah Doableday—Maine; Alice Hildebrant, Scott Curtis—Massachusetts; Richard Dukette, Sharill Bradley, Diane Maynard—Vermont; Dan Adams—Connecticut; Roy Skidmore—New York; Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin; Juliette Ayotte—Florida; George Garner—Georgia; Robert DuPree—Alabama; Sandra Baird—Illinois; David Wampler—Pennsylvania; Abe Shoter—Ohio. Chris Holley closed the memorial lesson with prayer, and then led 285t.

Leaders: Leyland delRe 134; Jonathan Spencer 332; Traci Naylor 430; Faiz Wareh 26; Cora Wareh 142; George Dyment 198. Liz Cantrell offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Chris McKnight called the class back to order by leading 277. Leaders: Julie Botnick 383; Tarik Wareh 428; Sarah Underhill 278b; Hans Guttman 480; Sophie Soloway 384; Chris Noren 306; Liz Cantrell 300; Leonard Spencer 245; Carly Goss 269; Ben Bath 411; Katy Brown and Dorothy Brown 274t; Henry Schuman 318; James Page 297; Larry Jalbert 38b; Charles Biada 208; Hal Booth 254; Aldo Ceresa 532; Jesse Vear 385b; Deborah Marsh 569b.


Owen Stoddard led 282 to bring the class together. Leaders: Chuck Micciche 503; Kathe Pilobosian 422; Will Rivitz 66; Mary Skidmore 189; John Hughes 112; George Pomfret 192; Ines Lüttgen 506; Terry Ryan 218; Laura Hodges 376; Kerry Cullinan 280; Pattie Wareh 36b; Patrick Friesen 421; Troad Richmond 95; Katy Brown 107; Jonathan Spencer 455; Joanne Fuller 460.

A short business meeting was held and Robert Stoddard was elected Chairman of the 2016 session of the Maine All-Day Singing.

Pat Callahan, Robert Stoddard, and Peter Golden led 62 as the closing song. Chris Holley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Pat Callahan; Secretary—Peter Golden