Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Garden State Singing Convention

Montclair Friends Meetinghouse, Upper Montclair, New Jersey

May 15-16, 2015

Friday, May 15

The 23rd annual Garden State Convention was called to order by Leon Pulsinelle, who led 34b. Lamar Matthew offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Susan Bingham 39t; Rachel Speer 81t; Claire Simon 344; Gina Balestracci 38t (CB); Nancy Mandel 559 (CB); Roland Hutchinson 106 (ShH); Laura Densmore 55 (CB); Dean Jens 414b (ShH); Dennis Leipold 209; Jean Seiler 132 (ShH); Tarik Wareh 138t (CB); John Giles 507t (CB); Lamar Matthew 485 (CB); Barbara Hohenstein 494 (CB); Faiz Wareh 7 (ShH); Harry Scott 242 (ShH); Ina Shea 424 (ShH); Terry Ryan 254 (ShH); Hal Kunkel 416 (ShH); Barbara Swetman 140 (CB); Cora Wareh 481; Rachel Hall 41 (ShH); Joel Franklin 63; Claire Simon 565.


Jean Seiler called the class back together by leading 82t. Leaders: Susan Bingham 472; Leon Pulsinelle 300; John Giles 465 (CB); Nancy Mandel 309 (ShH); Dann Pell 30t; Hal Kunkel 39 (CB); Terry Ryan 268b (CB); Barbara Swetman 140b (ShH); Dennis Leipold 99; Barbara Hohenstein 98 (CB); Faiz Wareh 125 (ShH); Harry Scott 294 (ShH); Gina Balestracci 420 (ShH); Rachel Hall 112 (ShH); Cora Wareh 66 (ShH); Ina Shea 108 (ShH); Joel Franklin 268; Roland Hutchinson 420b (ShH); Rachel Speer 571 (CB); Tarik Wareh 572 (CB); Lamar Matthew 262 (ShH).

Leon Pulsinelle led 323t as the closing song. Lamar Matthew offered the closing prayer.

Saturday, May 16

The Saturday session of the Garden State Singing Convention was called to order by Leon Pulsinelle leading 32t. Lamar Matthew offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Rachel Speer 171; Dean Jens 565; Claire Simon 28t; Gina Balestracci 34b; Michael Kaye 49b; Susan Bingham 530; Jean Seiler 142; Roland Hutchinson 500; Ezra Halleck 180; Cory Noel 81t; Aldo Ceresa 187; Lindsay Kruse 77t; Harry Scott 69t; Dean Jens 68b; Charlotte Ehrman 486.


Guy Bankes led 350 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Carol Werba 535; Cora Wareh and Cory Noel 210; Paula Picton 428; Douglas Fower 148; Rachel Hall 236; Vicki Hayes 503; Guy Bankes 569t; Fay Hughes 282; Bethany Towne 422; Hal Kunkel 214; Faiz Wareh 528; Ben Fink 365; Andre Kuney 179; Tarik Wareh 413; Barbara Hohenstein 553; Lamar Matthew 156; Barbara Swetman 149; Dann Pell 480; Ina Shea 157; Evan Druce 35; Laura Densmore 304; Michael Kaye 146; Vicki Hayes 56b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Claire Simon and Terry Ryan. Claire read the following names of the sick and homebound before leading 430 in their honor: Annie Dawson, Skip Trout, Ron Bornick, Ethel Strube, Martha Waide, and Lois Antal.

Terry Ryan read the following names of the deceased before leading 339: Dwight Speer—Arkansas; David Wampler, Ruth Densmore, and Jane Brooks—Pennsylvania; Maxine Brubaker, Doyle Brubaker, and Doris Johnson—Iowa; Keith Simon—New York; Raymond Hamrick—Georgia. Lamar Matthew closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Rachel Speer 475; Fay Hughes 312b; Douglas Fower 113; Charlotte Ehrman 474; Cora Wareh 25; Ezra Halleck 296; Carol Werba 163t; Evan Druce 112. Lamar Matthew offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Barbara Hohenstein began the afternoon session by leading 40. Leaders: Andre Kuney 300; Rachel Hall 215; Terry Ryan 182; Jean Seiler 299; Tarik Wareh 336; Guy Bankes 492; Paula Picton 327; Aldo Ceresa 309; Lindsey Kruse 546; Dennis Leipold 542; Barbara Hohenstein 183; Cory Noel 284; Hal Kunkel 522; Barbara Swetman 312t; Bethany Towne 498; Ben Fink 315; Dann Pell 384; Ina Shea 220; Vicki Hayes 344; Gina Balestracci 506; Lamar Matthew 294; Dean Jens 349; Faiz Wareh 37b; Claire Simon 270; Laura Densmore 311.


Hal Kunkel led 333. Leaders: Leon Pulsinelle 340; Paula Picton 446; Harry Scott 320; Fay Hughes 410b; Roland Hutchinson 155; Bethany Towne 314; Michael Kaye 236; Guy Bankes 532; Jean Seiler 200; Ben Fink 198; Dann Pell 127; Barbara Hohenstein 415; Laura Densmore 369.

Committee reports were given and announcements made. Leon Pulsinelle led 62 as the closing song. Lamar Matthew offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Leon Pulsinelle; Vice Chairman—Susan Bingham; Secretary—Rachel Speer