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Bristol Singing

Shirehampton Public Hall, Bristol, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The 2nd Bristol All-Day Singing was called to order at Shirehampton Public Hall by Steve Brett leading 82t. Charlie Williams offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Barry Parsons 88b; Kate Kirwan 73t; Marcos Sullivan 49b; Samantha Cole 131b; John Barbour 225t; Leilai Immel 31t; Geoff Grainger 46; Matthew Parkinson 108b; Tim Start 457 (for his cousin, Richard); Leila Gamaz 101t; Charlie Williams 102; Teresa Maguire 421; Phil Owen 163t; Ellen Southern 276; Sue Lord 39t.


Liam Kirby called the class back to order leading 283. Leaders: Ed Paton-Williams 542; Chris Brown 56b; Emma Hooper 178; Dave Townsend 183; Edwin Macadam 444; Francis Gaskin 110; Sheila Girling-Macadam 377; Toby Goss 210; Marjorie Brown 472.

The sick and housebound lesson was led by Duane Nasis, who spoke about vulnerability and the nature of community in the Sacred Harp tradition. Duane led 68b in honor of the following people: Connie Greenwood, John Hopkinson, Anne Lloyd-Davis, Steve Harrison, Dave Kidman, Jackie Saunders, Paula Mogensen, and Brunhilde Laabs.

Ellen Southern conducted the memorial lesson in which she spoke about overcoming grief through singing and togetherness. Ellen led 38b in memory of the following: Bill Kerridge and Rina Rogers—London; Raymond Hamrick and Joyce Harrison—Georgia, USA; Kiama Petit—Norwich; Drew Logan—Belfast; George Reed—Bedford; Ian Charters—Byfield; Patricia Price—Sutton Surrey; Peter Linwood—Deerfield Beach; Harold Pigott—Barking; Christopher Baxter—Lechlade; GlosKate Davis—Dublin; Mary Newell—Dalton; Cyril Guy—Llangybi; Roy Jones—Oxford; Flo Charles—Port Talbot; Olga Dellaway—France; Edith May Wiggins—Lewes; Aileen Power—Cork; Paul Grant—Folkestone; Evelyn Harris—Alabama, USA; Stanley Edwards—Alabama/Oregon, USA; Danny Arms—North Carolina, USA. A post-memorial prayer was offered by Marjorie Brown.

Leaders: Joe Jones 235; Guy Hayes 511; Nick Hall 546. The blessing before lunch was given by Joe Jones.


Matthew Parkinson called the class back to order leading 75. Leaders: Sinéad Hanrahan 522; Vicki Elliott 216; Bryan Seale 532; Joanna Bennett 84; Michael Walker 558; Amanda Parkes 434; Fynn Titford-Mock 123b; Erin Johnson-Hill 426b; Rachel Jordan 182; Calum Woods 222; Leah Hearne 112; Charlie Williams and Ben Mortimer 107; Sarah Hill 227; Eva Striebeck 556; Judy Whiting 208; Crispin Walker 133; Rebecca Over 268; Mandy Townsend 51; Nick Hall 515; Marjorie Brown 228; Guy Hayes 101b; Ed Paton-Williams 229; Joe Jones 141.


Barry Parsons called the class back to order leading 373. Leaders: Josie Gunn 290; Dilwyn Scott 40; Steve Brett 206; Erin Johnson-Hill and Duane Nasis 384; Joanna Bennett 417; Michael Walker 406; Eva Striebeck 70b; Bryan Seale and Kate Kirwan 245; Rachel Jordan 192; Amanda Parkes 193; Rebecca Over 497; Mandy Townsend 318; Sinéad Hanrahan 436; Calum Woods 132; Leah Hearne 335; Fynn Titford-Mock 92; Dave Townsend 378b; Francis Gaskin 410b; Sarah Hill 400; Judy Whiting 521; Liam Kirby 319.

Steve Brett made closing announcements, thanking all those involved in the organization and running of the day, and thanking those who had traveled to sing. Kate Kirwan reported that seventy-eight songs had been sung by fifty-five registered singers, with fifty leaders representing three countries (The UK, Ireland, and Germany). Emma Hooper gave the treasurer’s report, stating that all expenses had been met.

Leilai Immel offered the closing prayer. Steve Brett led 62 as the closing song.

Chairman—Steve Brett; Vice Chairman—Barry Parsons; Secretary—Kate Kirwan