Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention

Village Hall, Kegworth, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

April 25-26, 2015

Saturday, April 25

The class was called to order by Ian West leading 77b. Jonathan Stanyon offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Ian West; Vice-Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders and Rosalind Oldham; Arranging Committee—Judy Whiting and Chris Brown.

Leaders: Margaret Gillanders 313t; Ted Brown 81t; Helen Brown 32t; Sarah West 565; Chris Brown 138b; Rosalind Oldham 68b; Judy Whiting 212; Joe Jones 323t; Hannah Land 268; Joe Vickers 35 (CB); Marjorie Brown 474; Karen Turner 40; Francis Gaskin 30b; Cath Saunt 48t; Geoff Grainger 49b; Amanda Parkes 460; Arthur Swindells 378b (CB); Ruth Steggles 482; Susannah Gill 144; Charles Wells 38b; Vicki Elliott 392 (CB).


Calum Woods reconvened the class leading 176t (CB). Leaders: Kevin Kennedy 572 (CB); Jane Wells 503; Ed Paton-Williams 428; Rebecca Over 156 (CB); Lisa O’Grady and Leopoldine Guillaume 47b; Erin Johnson-Hill 336t (CB); Kuba Choinski 112; Florent Decherf 203; Edmund Richardson 123t; Michael Walker 314 (CB); Ian West 575 (CB); Julie Russell 47t; Karen Turner 299; Helen Brown 208; Joe Vickers 207; Rosalind Oldham 573 (CB); Cath Saunt 171; Charles Wells 497; Amanda Parkes 411; Ted Brown 119; Arthur Swindells 274t; Margaret Gillanders 556; Jane Wells 56b; Francis Gaskin 483 (CB); Lisa O’Grady 110; Calum Woods 567 (CB); Vicki Elliott 340; Marjorie Brown 344. Grace for the midday meal was offered by Gillian White.


Hannah Land reconvened the class leading 505 (CB). Leaders: Susannah Gill 485 (CB); Phil Tyler 184b (CB); Rebecca Over 336b (CB); Michael Walker 170; Judy Whiting 273; Florent Decherf 94; Joe Jones 67; Sarah West 483; Kuba Choinski 84; Geoff Grainger 143; Erin Johnson-Hill 527 (CB); Edmund Richardson 157 (CB); Lisa O’Grady 296; Ed Paton-Williams 300; Ruth Steggles 535; Kevin Kennedy 357 (CB); Julie Russell 339; Phil Tyler 393t (CB); Marjorie Brown 312b; Chris Brown 108b; Francis Gaskin 160t.


Joe Vickers reconvened the class leading 563 (CB). Leaders: Karen Turner 63; Calum Woods 192; Charles Wells 546; Helen Brown and Ted Brown 228; Arthur Swindells and Leopoldine Guillaume 466; Judy Whiting 500; Rosalind Oldham 449 (CB); Michael Walker and Rebecca Over 456; Margaret Gillanders 564; Florent Decherf 392; Amanda Parkes 498; Jane Wells 318; Kuba Choinski 36b; Sarah West 45b; Kevin Kennedy 561 (CB); Cath Saunt 217; Joe Jones 287; Lisa O’Grady 454; Geoff Grainger 178; Erin Johnson-Hill 411 (CB); Edmund Richardson 531; Susannah Gill 464.

Helen Brown and Ian West led 56t as the closing song. Karen Turner dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, April 26

The Sunday session was called to order by Ian West leading 52t. Joe Vickers offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Helen Brown 234; Margaret Gillanders 39t; Chris Brown 229; Hannah Land 137 (CB); Ted Brown 97; Rachel Jordan 492; Mark Wardlaw 385b (CB); Vicki Elliott 37b; Edwin Macadam 485; Ruth Steggles 33b; Nick Hall 455; Sheila Girling Macadam 114; Phil Tyler 488 (CB); Eimear O’Donovan 144; Ed Paton-Williams 587 (CB); Julie Russell 163b; Joe Jones 32b; Rosalind Oldham 563 (CB); Joe Vickers 58; Judy Whiting 268b (CB); Arthur Swindells 64.


Vicki Elliott reconvened the class by leading 31t. Leaders: Francis Gaskin 130; Cath Saunt 101t; Geoff Grainger 143; Leopoldine Guillaume 378b; Karen Turner 89; Bob Butler 84; Amanda Parkes 189; Florent Decherf 186; Lisa O’Grady 71; Calum Woods 292t (CB); Kuba Choinski 49b; Sarah West 524 (CB); Michael Walker 475; Erin Johnson-Hill 534; Edmund Richardson 280; Kevin Kennedy 559 (CB); Susannah Gill 82t.

The sick and housebound lesson was conducted by Hannah Land, who led 330b (CB) for the following: Daphene Causey, B. M. Smith, Sister Pippa, Mary Newell, Steve Harrison, Anne Lloyd-Davies, Dave Kidman, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Cath Tyler, Kirst Grainger, Connor McDougall, Al O’Donnell, Derek Bolton, and Paula Mogensen.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Joe Jones, who led 523 in memory of the following: Margaret Long, John Selvey, Cyril Guy, Kate Davis, Raymond Hamrick, Evelyn Harris, Danny Arms, Maggie Boyle, Sassi Davidson, Geoffrey Nathan, Lorna Redfern, Marko Van Der Horst, Sean Johnston, Bill Kerridge, Rina Rogers, Joyce Harrison, Alan Thomas, George Reed, Ian Charters, Frances Atkinson, Sandra Carrington, Stephen Rickard, Lyn Rickard, Flo Charles, Edith May Wiggins, Olga Dellaway, Alexis Strawn, and Christopher Baxter. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer offered by Ted Brown.

Leaders: Ian West 102; Margaret Gillanders 182; Chris Brown 107; Rachel Jordan 550; Mark Wardlaw 478 (CB); Eimear O’Donovan 292; Sheila Girling Macadam 157. Grace for the midday meal was offered by Jane Wells.


The singing was reconvened by Phil Tyler leading 364 (CB). Leaders: Hannah Land 564 (CB); Ted Brown 113; Vicki Elliott 192; Helen Brown 436; Susannah Gill 96 (CB); Nick Hall 183; Calum Woods 222; Ed Paton-Williams 486 (CB); Joe Vickers 432; Amanda Parkes 522; Erin Johnson-Hill 548; Karen Turner 448t; Michael Walker 426b; Sarah West 384; Lisa O’Grady 351; Kuba Choinski 571 (CB); Joe Jones 515; Florent Decherf 34t; Edmund Richardson 352; Cath Saunt 42; Arthur Swindells 444; Kevin Kennedy 160 (CB).


The singing was reconvened by Bob Butler leading 99. Leaders: Francis Gaskin 346; Edwin Macadam 332; Rosalind Oldham 155; Geoff Grainger 156; Leopoldine Guillaume 457; Judy Whiting 521; Nick Hall 517 (CB); Phil Tyler 398t (CB); Mark Wardlaw 114b (CB); Eimear O’Donovan 573; Rachel Jordan 274t; Sheila Girling Macadam 500; Kuba Choinski 503; Ed Paton Williams 314; Singers from Cork and Florent Decherf 361.

Ian West and Helen Brown led 95b (CB) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Michael Walker, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders and Rosalind Oldham