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Futral, Henry, and Nelson Memorial

Smyrna Primitive Baptist Church, Goodwater, Alabama

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The annual Futral, Henry and Nelson Memorial Singing was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in April at Smyrna Primitive Baptist Church in Goodwater, Alabama. Before the main singing began, the class enjoyed singing a couple of songs out of the Lloyd Hymnal.

The class agreed to keep the same officers as follows: Chairman—Jack Nelson; Vice Chairman—William Futral; Secretary—Virginia Futral. It was agreed to change the starting time from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Elder Ken Milner closed the business session with prayer.

Leaders: Jack Nelson 32t, 480; Eugene Forbes 55, 87; Richard Mauldin 274t, 168; Robert Chambless 72b, 303; Ann Gray 146, 141; Carol Duvall 196, 207; Judy Chambless 82t, 339; Myrlene Redmond 340; Brandon Acton 36b; Jacob Acton and Brandon Acton 282 (in memory of their grandmother, Audress Gurley); Jacob Acton 294, 517 (CB).


Jack Nelson brought the class back together by leading 45t. Virginia Futral conducted the memorial lesson, giving a brief description of those after whom the singing was named, and recognizing the family members present of whom were represented. She read the list of names of the following sick and shut-ins: Floy Wilder, Tommy Ritch, Sandra Abrams, Mona Nelson, Leroy Kitchens, Hester Edwards, B.M. Smith, Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith, Kermit Adams, Jane Hughes, Ed Thacker, Margaret Thacker, and Ava Jane Johnson. She read the list of names of the following deceased: Joe Lambert, Audress Gurley, Stanly Edwards, Dennis Beasley, Betty Wright, Josephine Denney, Charles Kitchens, Eldagene Roberson, Sammie Oliver, Raymond Hamrick, Johnny Humber, Stella Pratt, and Dawson Adams. Jack Nelson led 59. Elder Louis Culver closed the memorial lesson with prayer and blessed the noon meal.


Jack Nelson led 318 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Wendy Futral 35, 359; Robby Anderson 373, 457; Roy Nelson 39b, 47t; Myra Goss 288, 269; Virginia Futral 569b, 145b; William Futral 61, 34t; Jack Nelson 39 (CB), 147t; Richard Mauldin 358; Jack Nelson and Richard Mauldin 495 (CB). Elder Louis Culver offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Jack Nelson; Vice Chairman—William Futral, Secretary—Virginia Futral