Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cross Roads Church

North of Tallapoosa, Georgia

July 6, 1997

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Cross Roads Baptist Church was held on the first Sunday in July, and was called to order by Louis Hughes, Sr. leading song on page 37b. The morning prayer was led by Jeff Sheppard. Miranel Swafford led song on page 32t; Margie Smith 313t, 405; Mary Florence Smith 75, 61.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Vice Chairman—Miranel Swafford; Secretary—Hester Edwards; Memorial Committee—Mary Florence Smith; Arranging Committee—Margie Smith.

Leaders: Louis Hughes, Sr. 138b; George Garner 480, 278t; Carlene Griffin 139, 225t; Louis Hughes, Jr. 49b; Chris Richardson 148, 344; Henry Johnson 68b, 162; Melanie Hauff 27, 270; Jimmie Denney 87, 101t; Karen Hojnacki 171, 542; Bobby Bailey 365, 385b; Kathy Spanglehour 269, 117.


Louis Hughes, Sr. called the class together leading song on page 108t. Leaders: Keith Willard 111b, 39t; Carla Smith 312b, 375; Milton Oliver 145t, 384; Pearl Guier 503, 143; Steven Levine 100, 441; Shelbie Sheppard 402, 202; Felton Denney 523, 155; Jenny Willard 303, 99.

Mary Florence Smith gave the memorial, and spoke of Cross Roads being a special place for her because she had lived in this community while growing up.

B. M. Smith led songs on pages 28b and 445b in memory of the following deceased: Hazel Cagle, Eva Reeves, Charles Dannals, Marilou Jolly, Horace Lambert, Don Johnson, and Melvin Pope. Mary F. Smith led songs on pages 448b and 348b.

Melanie Hauff led song on page 145b for the following sick and shut-ins: Lonnie Rogers, Vivian Rogers, Mary Frances Dannals, Charlotte Allison, Madolin McGray, Josie McAlpin, Mozelle Sheppard, Jerry Sheppard, I. V. McWhorter, Melvin Pope, Revy Williamson, Carrie Garner, Evelyn Newman, and Jap Walton. Felton Denney closed the memorial with prayer.

The lunch blessing was given by Rev. Wendell Fielder.


The afternoon of singing began with Marcia Johnson leading song on page 110. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 112, 448b; Helen Bryson 196, 454; Thomas Willard 274 (t? b?), 224; Alice Edwards 104, 73b; B. M. Smith 273 (for Sid Caldwell), 497; Louis Hughes, Elaine Newman, and Allison Dodson 153; Charlene Wallace, Thoma Hannah, and Sherrel Anderson 45t, 434; Richard DeLong 296, 32b; Evelyn Harris 159, 47t; Everette Denney 34b, 127; Judy Mincey and Santana Herrera 475; Billy Joe Harris 494, 492; Jeanette DePoy 566, 498; Bernard Denney 222, 299; Tommy McGraw and Carol 268, 358; Don Bowen 66, 178; Teenie Moody 40, 78; Lonnie Rogers 137, 318; Marcia Johnson 359, 404.

Announcements were made. Louis Hughes, Sr. and Miranel Swafford led song on page 46 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by B. J. Harris.

Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Vice Chairman—Miranel Swafford; Secretary—Hester Edwards.