Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Iowa Singing

Cedar Falls Mennonite Church, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The annual Iowa All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before Easter.

The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Sharla Hulsey leading 34 (t? b?).

The opening prayer was offered by Stephen Conte.

Leaders: Bruce Voyles 47b; Michael Moore 40; Annie Grieshop 186; Stephen Conte 159; Tamara Harris 27; Elizabeth Stoddard 33t; James Page 188; Linda Selph 144; Steven Schmidgall 473; Jeff Bell 171; Hollie Powell 564; Janell Draper 224; Eric Saylor 117; Matt Wells 368; AnnaLeigh Smith 189; Steve Luttinen 192; Eleanor Haase 155; Dick Patterson 298; Alexa Copeland 474; Donnie Simmet 68t; Becca Gibson 419; Paul Landskroener 426t; Colette Miller 436.


Sharla Hulsey called the class back to order by leading 31t. Leaders: Joel Menk 339; William Gilman 81t; Barb Patterson 97; Bruce Western 85; Tullaia Powell 300; Nick Pasqual 451; Ben Copenhaver 132; Brad Harris 58.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Stephen Conte leading 565, speaking briefly, and reading the following names of the sick and shut-ins: John Menke, Bob Scorgie, Johanna Fabke, Julie Vea, David Hoffelt, Berkley Moore, Libby Hoeft, Bill Hulsey, Mary Beach, David Strother, and Toni Strother.

Michael Moore spoke for the deceased, led 101b, and read the following names: David Wampler—Pennsylvania; John C. Landskroener—Ohio; Leslie Phillips—Tennessee; Caroline Bonnet, Sally Coghlan, and Barbara Jean Gurtz—California; Joanne Ellis and Ben Zachary—Minnesota; Leo H. Kalkbrenner—New York; Fred Craddock—Georgia; Donald Weishaar and Barb Toot—Iowa.

Eamonn O’Neill led 425 and Karen Swenson led 569t. Stephen Conte offered a blessing before the noon meal.


The class was called to order by Janell Draper and Tivey leading 99.

Sharla Hulsey then convened a business meeting to consider a new date for future Iowa All-Day Singings. After some discussion, the class unanimously voted to set the official schedule as Saturday before first Sunday in April. The business meeting was closed.

Leaders: Francis Gurtz 340; Kevin Bullock 562; Melissa Kelly 349; Jeff Nayadley 42; Henry Schumann 318; Linda Selph 396; Eamonn O’Neill 397; Elizabeth Stoddard 283; Jeff Bell 454; Eleanor Haase 352; James Page 236; Tamara Harris 415; Steven Schmidgall 369; Barb Patterson 187; Paul Landskroener 528; Karen Swenson 344; Donnie Simmet 275t.


Sharla Hulsey led 198 to bring the class together. Leaders: Eric Saylor 551; Becca Gibson 504; Matt Wells 49b; Hollie Powell 481; Steve Luttinen 375; Ben Copenhaver 242; Colette Miller 547; Joel Menk 149; Melissa Kelly 345b; Nick Pasqual 195; Dick Patterson 540; Tullaia Powell 277; Bruce Voyles 496; William Gilman 497; Kevin Bullock 196; Francis Gurtz 313b; AnnaLeigh Smith 101t; Jeff Nayadley 210; Bruce Western 430; Stephen Conte 134.

Sharla Hulsey led 347 as the closing song. Stephen Conte offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Sharla Hulsey; Secretary—Annie Grieshop