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Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial Singing

Felta Schoolhouse, Healdsburg, California

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The 3rd annual Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler Memorial All-Day Singing was held at the Felta Schoolhouse, Healdsburg, California, on New Year’s Day. The singing was opened by Lindy Groening leading 47t. David Fetcho offered the opening prayer. Mary Ann Ciavonne, Dominic’s mother, welcomed the class and made announcements.

The following served as officers: Chairman—Mary Ann Ciavonne; Vice Chairman—Caroline Bonnet; Secretary—Betty Marvin.

Leaders: Shani Aviram 297; Susan Fetcho 270; Vicki Chung 569b; Erika Wilson 171; Dan Harper 183; Caroline Bonnet 277; David Fetcho 128; Betty Marvin 184; Susan Lindner 217; Linda Selph 146 (for Janelle Davis and her mother, Virginia); Pat Coghlan 38t; Jennie Brown 283; Jack Ziegler 294; Phil Jensen 474.


The class was called back together by Patrick Ziegler and Lindy Groening leading 72b. Leaders: Terry Moore 334; Brendan Gaffney 282; Susan Willis-Powers 538; Cindy Willard Danner and Karen Willard 82t (in memory of Nadine Willard); Linda Domholt 70b; Mary Gowins 65; Jeff Begley 70t; Terry Barber 42; Karen Willard and Ken Hallock 368; Hody Wilson 457; Mary Ann Ciavonne 56b.


The class was called back to order by Dan Harper leading 39t. Leaders: Allegra Wilson 448b; Rebecca Edwards 336; Ken Hallock 354t; Caroline Bonnet 284; Terry Moore 193; Susan Lindner 192; Brendan Gaffney 47b; Vicki Chung 99; Linda Domholt 348t; Mary Gowins 187; Betty Marvin 202; Jack Ziegler 339; Mary Ann Ciavonne 114; Lindy Groening 389. Mary Ann Ciavonne offered the prayer before the noon meal.


The class was called to order by Karen Willard leading 30t. Leaders: Rebecca Edwards 32t; Jeff Begley 111b; Linda Selph 430; Susan Willis-Powers 436; Erika Wilson 564; Shani Aviram 440; Phil Jensen 503; Terry Barber 142; Dan Harper 268; David Fetcho 218; Jennie Brown 456; Karen Willard 542; Mary Ann Ciavonne 178; Mary Gowins 534; Pat Coghlan 228; Susan Lindner 200; Allegra Wilson 504; Terry Moore 556; Linda Domholt 122.


Mary Gowins led 159. Leaders: Shani Aviram 285t; Peter Ross 344; Susan Fetcho 401 (for her father and his parents, who were missionaries in Cuba); Terry Barber 107; Jennie Brown 383; Jeff Begley 330b; Jack Ziegler 335; Rebecca Edwards 402; Vicki Chung 57; Betty Marvin 309; Linda Selph 384; Pat Coghlan 501; Susan Willis-Powers 497; Caroline Bonnet 148; Karen Willard and Erika Wilson 48t; Patrick Ziegler and Jack Ziegler 45t.

Announcements were made and thanks were given. Mary Ann Ciavonne led 347 as the closing song. David Fetcho offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Mary Ann Ciavonne; Vice Chairman—Caroline Bonnet; Secretary—Betty Marvin