Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chmielno OstrĂ³da Warszawa Singing


Friday, September 26, 2014

The second biennial session of the Chmielno-OstrĂ³da-Warszawa Singing was called to order by Zack Lindahl leading 82t. The morning prayer was offered by Chris Coughlin.

The following were appointed by Chairman Zack Lindahl to serve: Secretaries—Magdalena Osthaus and Joanne Fuller; Arranging Officer—Kate Coxon; Chaplain—Chris Coughlin; Treasurer—Richard Schmeidler; Resolutions Officer—Aaron Kahn.

Leaders: Justyna Orlikowska 30t; Magdalena Osthaus 80t; Alberta Hardy 501; Jessica Sligter 47t; Werner Ullah 31b; Joanne Fuller 129; Dominika Jedrzejrzak 171; Richard Schmeidler 254; Aaron Kahn 504; Ellen Lueck 361; Colleen Jones 479; Chris Coughlin 460; Zack Lindahl 288.


The class resumed singing with Zack Lindahl leading 319. Leaders: Kate Coxon 32t; Karen Willard 128 (for her father, Rodney Willard); Olgierd Orlikowski 274t; Hannah Land 507; Ethan Hardy 452; Edmund Richardson 68b; Ruth McNamara 38b; Steve Helwig 108b; Yotin Tiewtrakul 111b; Gosia Perycz 133; Ophir Ilzetski 492; Chris Brown 31t; Cath Tyler 143. Chris Coughlin offered grace.


The afternoon session began with Chris Coughlin leading 448b. Leaders: Dominika Jedrzejrzak 159; Helen Brown 101t; Ellen Lueck 227; Aaron Kahn 455; Hannah Land 454; Werner Ullah 228; Joanne Fuller 39b; Karen Willard 461; Ophir Ilzetski 99; Magdalena Osthaus 506; Alberta Hardy 384; Justyna Orlikowska 134; Gosia Perycz 474.


Edmund Richardson called the class back together by leading 314. Leaders: Jessica Sligter 532; Richard Schmeidler 155; Steve Helwig 457; Olgierd Orlikowski 209; Ruth McNamara 40; Yotin Tiewtrakul 515; Cath Tyler 53; Chris Brown 350; Helen Brown 120; Kate Coxon 36b.


Ophir Ilzetski called the class together by leading 124. Leaders: Claire Hogan 71; Zack Lindahl 30b; Aaron Kahn 67; Joanne Fuller 179; Richard Schmeidler 473; Hannah Land 472.

The class held a business session. The arranging committee reported twenty-seven leaders from ten countries leading sixty-one songs. The treasurer announced that all expenses regarding the venue and dinner had been met. The Resolutions Officer thanked God for our safe travel, for the hard work of all those who served the singing as officers and committee members, and resolved to convene this singing two years hence on Friday following Camp Fasola Europe.

Zack Lindahl led 414 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer offered by Chris Coughlin.

Chairman—Zack Lindahl; Secretaries—Magdalena Osthaus and Joanne Fuller