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Kitchens Memorial

Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church, Jasper, Alabama

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The 3rd annual Kitchens Memorial Singing was held at Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church, Jasper, Alabama, on Saturday before the third Sunday in August. The class was called to order by Linda Sides leading 276. The opening prayer was offered by Linda Sides.

The class was organized by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairman—Linda Sides; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Arranging Committee—Jerry Kitchens; Secretary—Amber Davis; Memorial Committee—Brenda Chafin and Lisa Geist.

Leaders: Linda Sides 512; Glenn Keeton and Isabella Keeton 117, 235; Lisa Geist 171, 527; Amber Davis 448b, 403; Brenda Chafin 336 (for the Beasley family), 222 (for Ozella Blackmon); Ottis Sides and Linda Sides 145t, 530; Joye Kitchens Leggett 568 (in memory of her parents, sister, and son), 358; Eugene Forbes 101t, 282 (in memory of his cousin); Darrell Swarens 36b, 49b; Velton Chafin 227.


Glenn Keeton led 270 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Don Keeton 127, 482; John Bealle 345t, 440; Betty Baccus and Isabella Keeton 108t, 168 (in memory of Betty’s dad); Zilpha Kitchens Cornett 122 (for her uncle, Charles Kitchens); Zilpha Kitchens Cornett and Kathy Williams 86; Gravis Ballinger 314, 112; Kathy Williams 300, 107; Laura Rhodes 480, 178; Jerry Kitchens 74b, 77t; Jack Pate 75, 341; Roma Rice 338, 66 (for Richard Mauldin); Larry Ballinger 67, 68b; Eloise Clark and Kristen Christy 475, 34b; Steve Adams and Amber Davis 331, 339; Beth Branscome 201, 350; Jean Waid and Marlin Waid 47b. Darrell Swarens offered the prayer before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Linda Sides leading 215. Leaders: Jerry Kitchens 385b; Darrell Swarens, Larry Ballinger, and Lisa Geist 528; Wanda Capps 299, 298; John Bealle 278t; Emma Calvert 119, 388; Betty Baccus and Isabella Keeton 146; Eloise Clark 532; Beth Branscome 52t; Laura Rhodes 84.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Brenda Chafin and Lisa Geist. Brenda Chafin read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Charles Kitchens, Richard Mauldin, Tommy Spurlock, Velton Chafin, Johnnie Chafin, Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith, Stella Pratt, Coy Ivey, Louise Holland, Johnny Humber, Rena Humber, Willodean Barton, Kermit Adams, and Ozella Blackmon.

Lisa Geist read the following list of names of the deceased: Mary Kitchens Gardner, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Josie Hyde, Wendell Wakefield, Nadine Willis, Hobert Ivey, Audress Gurley, C.T. Williams, and Stanly Edwards—Alabama; Dennis Beasley—Florida; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi. Brenda Chafin and Lisa Geist led 472. Darrell Swarens closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Jack Pate 145b; Don Keeton 405; Amber Davis 391; Zilpha Kitchens Cornett and Katelyn Cornett 345b (in memory of Zilpha’s mom and dad); Eugene Forbes 88t; Ottis Sides 97; Brenda Chafin 129; Steve Adams and Lisa Geist 378t; Kathy Williams 343; Joye Kitchens Leggett 87; Darrell Swarens 507 (in memory of Josie Hyde); Emma Calvert 76b; Glenn Keeton, Isabella Keeton, Kristen Christy, and Brian Christy 163b; Glenn Keeton, Kristen Christy, and Brian Christy 72b; Linda Sides 225t.

Following announcements, Linda Sides led 56t as the closing song. Linda Sides offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Linda Sides; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Amber Davis