Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Glasgow Singing

Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church, Glasgow, Scotland

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The second Glasgow All-Day Singing was held at Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church in Glasgow, Scotland. Karen Turner and Sandy Semeonoff called the class to order leading 49t.

Leaders: Margaret Bradshaw and Inga Garrioch 87; Harry Campbell 479; Heather Thompson 163b; Sandy Semeonoff 73t; Fiona Proctor 338; Ewan Paterson 339; Mark Wardlaw 451; Cath Ingham 155; Tony Irwin, Jr. 49b; Duane Nasis 48t; Judy Whiting 171; Geoff Grainger 156; Lin James 47t; Chris Brown 113; Marisa Strutt and Karen Turner 142; Benny Ross 477; Phil Newton 452.


Sarah West brought the class back to order leading 501. Leaders: Declan Synnott 217; Jo Ellis 284; Sula O’Duffy and Heather Thompson 117; Calum Woods 56t; Eva Striebeck 497; Ruth Holman 350; Margaret Bradshaw 300; Sandy Semeonoff 323b; Karen Turner 99; Harry Campbell 535; Fiona Proctor 299; Mark Wardlaw 232; Heather Thompson 146.


Lin James brought the class back to order leading 159. Leaders: Duane Nasis 312b; Sarah West 335; Calum Woods 297; Eva Striebeck 441; Declan Synnott 328; Cath Ingham 319; Tony Irwin, Jr. 344; Judy Whiting 475.

Sandy Semeonoff conducted the sick and housebound lesson, leading 68b for the following people: Cath Tyler, Mary Newell, Derek Winstanley, Margaret Steel, Dudley Savage, Roger Brown, Hazel Walker, and Steve Harrison.

Karen Turner conducted the memorial lesson, leading 122 for the following deceased: Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, and C.T. Williams—Alabama, USA; Dorothy Williams—Yeovil; Jack Cottle—Masterton; Sarah Crooks—Newcastle; Geoff Gibson—Newcastle upon Tyne; Grant Maclean—Farnham; and James Burgess—Inverness.

Leaders: Benny Ross 105; Ewan Paterson 107; Jo Ellis 421; Geoff Grainger 313b; Chris Brown 195; Heather Thompson 268; Margaret Bradshaw 209; Sandy Semeonoff 448t.


Calum Woods led 141. Leaders: Duane Nasis 432; Sula O’Duffy and Tony Irwin, Jr. 86; Ewan Paterson 236; Marisa Strutt and Harry Campbell 77t; Gordon Kennedy 503; Chris Brown 541; Ruth Holman 274t; Mark Wardlaw 383; Eva Striebeck 270; Inga Garrioch and Katy Cooper 178; Lin James 66; Harry Campbell 370; Declan Synnott 505; Cath Ingham 334; Sarah West 271t; Benny Ross 485.


Karen Turner brought the class back to order leading 440. Leaders: Tony Irwin, Jr. 147t; Connie Hartley 278b; Karen Ewing 301; Geoff Grainger 89; Fiona Proctor 38b; Judy Whiting 208; Benny Ross 196; Eva Striebeck 551; Declan Synnott 444; Calum Woods 445; Sarah West 133; Mark Wardlaw 499; Duane Nasis 189; Lin James 414; Ewan Paterson 59; Heather Thompson 148.

Sandy Semeonoff and Karen Turner offered the Gaelic blessing “Deep Peace” as closing comments. They led 347, and the class was dismissed.

Chairpersons—Karen Turner and Sandy Semeonoff; Secretary—Inga Garrioch