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Oxford Sacred Harp Singing Day

Seacourt Hall, Botley, Oxford, United Kingdom

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The 16th annual Oxford Sacred Harp Singing Day was held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in June. Sheila Girling Macadam called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading 34b. Edwin Macadam offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Sheila Girling Macadam; Vice Chairman—Edwin Macadam; Secretary—Sofi Mogensen; Arranging Committee—Mandy Townsend and Sarah Hill; Pitchers—Rachel Jordan and Michael Walker; Treasurer—Werner Ullah.

Steve Marini taught a singing school on the history of the development of the Sacred Harp, using 28b, 178, 155, 128, 318, and 475. Leaders: Edwin Macadam 288; Rachel Jordan 36b; Sofi Mogensen 28t; Evelyn Lamb 29t; Nick Hall 231; Chris Brown 205; Michael Walker 134; Jacqui Selby MacLeod 143; Matthew Parkinson 76b; Annaliza Cull 448t; Joe Jones 448b; Ian West 111b; Susannah Gill 133; Tom Woolner 388; Steve Welch 147b; Michelle Cull 441.


Sarah Hill called the class back to order leading 105. Leaders: Mandy Townsend 480; Ed Long 383; Margaret Gillanders 440; Sheila Girling Macadam 500; Wendy Stone 504 (for Jean Barton); Duane Nasis 32t; Julie Heptinstall and Sheila Girling Macadam 163b; Steve Marini 245; Ruth McNamara 86; Ted Brown 391; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 131b; Chris Brown 38b; Rachel Jordan 269; Tom Woolner 101t; Evelyn Lamb 430; Edwin Macadam 236; Susannah Gill 432; Nick Hall 455; Sofi Mogensen 65; Michael Walker 91; Annaliza Cull 300; Ian West 268; Matthew Parkinson 296; Michelle Cull 384; Steve Welch 50b; Joe Jones 354b; Mandy Townsend 532; Sarah Hill 295. Jan Green offered the prayer before lunch.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Ed Long leading 47t. Leaders: Toby Goss 107; Duane Nasis 303.

Steve Marini conducted the memorial lesson, reflecting on the growing sense of community amongst Sacred Harp singers, and the care we have for each other. He reminded us that whilst we mourn we should also celebrate the lives of those we have lost. Tom Woolner read the following list of names of the deceased: Dudley Fuller—Borehamwood; Dorothy Williams—Yeovil; Doris Hanks—Texas, USA; Grant McLean—Farnham; Bill Gillanders—Derby; Peter Stone and Hilary Stone—Oxford; Eric Entwistle—Solihull; Roy Jones—Old Marston, Oxford; Mary Lanfear—Bristol; Hobert Ivey, Jeff Sheppard, and Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama, USA; Steve Arch, Don Bishop and Jean Bell—Lewes; Eileen Dee—Rottingdean; Dorothy Sando—Hull. Steve led 285t in their memory.

Mike Cooper spoke for the following sick and housebound: Patricia Price, Peter Linwood, Steve Fletcher, Drew Logan, Alison Zunklei, Dave Mace, Jacqui Saunders, Edith Wiggins, and Helen Brown. Ted Brown led 566 and Mike Cooper closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

The class resumed singing with Sheila Girling Macadam leading 330b. Leaders: Margaret Gillanders 564; Edwin Macadam 444; Ruth McNamara 34t; Rachel Jordan 315; Susannah Gill 460; Tom Woolner and Michael Walker 294; Nick Hall 515; Sofi Mogensen 332; Evelyn Lamb 368; Joe Jones 350; Ian West 106.


The final session of singing commenced with Toby Goss leading 538. Leaders: members of Immanuel’s Ground Quire, Warwick, 481; Chris Brown 571; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 82t; Duane Nasis 189; Matthew Parkinson and Duane Nasis 204; Margaret Gillanders 225t; Steve Welch 145b; Ian West 145t; London Sacred Harp singers 31t; Mandy Townsend 203; Wendy Stone 142; Michelle Cull 168; Ted Brown 496; Ed Long 505; Edwin Macadam 183; Sarah Hill 530; Ruth McNamara 49b; Annaliza Cull 155; Toby Goss 547; Michael Walker 306; Sussex Sacred Harp singers 474; Steve Marini 228.

The Secretary reported forty-seven singers had registered from the UK, USA, and Australia, and ninety-three songs had been led by singers between the ages of nine and eighty-two. The Treasurer reported the day’s expenses had been met. Sheila Girling Macadam and Edwin Macadam thanked all the officers, committees, and anyone else who helped in any way to make this singing possible.

Sheila Girling Macadam, Edwin Macadam, Mandy Townsend, Jean Barton, Wendy Stone, Toby Goss, and Ed Long (Oxford Sacred Harp singers) led 347 as the closing song. Michael Walker offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Sheila Girling Macadam; Vice Chairman—Edwin Macadam; Secretary—Sofi Mogensen