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Golden Gate Singing

Trinity Lutheran Church, Alameda, California

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The 10th annual Golden Gate Singing was held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April at Trinity Lutheran Church, Alameda, California. Mary Gowins called the class to order leading 59. David Fetcho offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—Lindy Groening; Vice Chairman—Linda Selph; Secretary—Betty Marvin. The following committee members were appointed to serve: Treasurer—Terry Barber; Chaplain—David Fetcho; Arranging Committee—Carolyn Deacy, Erika Wilson, and Chris Thorman; Resolutions Committee—Gabriel Kyne and Kate Coxon; Kitchen—Dan Harper and Carol Steinfeld; Registration—Rebecca Edwards; Housing—Mary Gowins.

Leaders: Lindy Groening 101t; Linda Selph 144; Betty Marvin 492; David Fetcho 538; Shelby Sampson 30b; Dan Harper 345b; Mark Lambert 107; Gabriel Kyne 431; Linda Domholt 348t; Terry Moore 145t; Miranda Fetrow 77t; Chris Thorman 288; Bob Brylawski 122; Rebecca Edwards 422; Cornelia Stanton 318; David Olson 319; Solomon Ossa 302; Caroline Bonnet 34t; Leigh Cooper 340.


Thom Fahrbach called the class back together by leading 56t. Leaders: Steve Cackley 124; Dave Barber 455; Janet Herman 217; Tom Ayres 260; William Price 34b; Inder Khalsa 29t; Jerry Schreiber 198; Clarissa Fetrow 91; Richard Barnes 276; John Wiens 38b; Matthew Lawson 163b; Carla Smith 153; Kate Fortin 250; Gordon Rees 565; Linda Booth 397.


Betsy Jeronen led 111b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Susan Fetcho 479; Dan Harper 82t; Gretchen Muller 68b; Jeff Begley 53; Julian Damashek 200; Nancy Price 48b; Mark Godfrey 448t.

The memorial lesson was held. Linda Selph spoke and led 225t for the following sick and shut-ins: Arnold Zwicky, Adele Cramer, Molly Fisher, Francisco Rodriguez, Duke Miller, Robert Jenson, Ruth Parrish, Rose Warnock, and Alison Mitchell-Zunklei.

Jennie Brown spoke and led 499 for the following deceased: Sally Coghlan, Leonard Knight, Norm Skaggs, and Carroll Lunsford—California; Drew Oak and Rosemary Allen—Washington; Diane Mennella, Bob Barrows, and Pete Seeger—New York; Fran Accetta and Preston Schorr—Pennsylvania; C.T. Williams, Birney Jarvis, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, and Leomia Jordan—Alabama; Kathy Seven Williams—Georgia; Chet Kennedy and Alicia Kennedy—Michigan; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; Angela Witkiss—United Kingdom. David Fetcho closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Carolyn Deacy 285t; Ed Rice 191; Greg Freemon 224; Mary Gowins 280. David Fetcho offered the prayer before the noon meal.


David Fetcho began the afternoon session by leading 89. Leaders: Kate Coxon 166; Fynn Titford-Mock 204; Katy Kanfer 498; Daniel Hunter 396; Chris Cotter 506; Matthew Parkinson 314; Thom Fahrbach 116; Evelyn Lamb 390; Pat Keating 298; Greg Freed 400; David Wright 411; Betsy Jeronen 440; Kevin Barrans 383; Bob Jost 535; Jennie Brown 475; Susan Turpin 294; Bruce Hayes 291; Hugh McGuire 432; Esteban Veliz 47t; Andrew Snyder 504; Cornelia Stanton 454.


Gabriel Kyne called the class back together by leading 69t. Leaders: Erika Wilson 536; Peter Stenshoel 348b; Fynn Titford-Mock 410b; Shani Aviram 377; Daniel Hunter 418; Peter Ross 99; Matthew Parkinson 387; Evelyn Lamb 114; Chris Cotter 131b; Jerry Schreiber 550; Clarissa Fetrow 269; Joanne Orengo 472; Kevin Barrans 176b; Joel Knopf 128; David McFarlane 296; Thom Fahrbach 286; John Wiens 106; David Wright 457; Lindy Groening 57; Katy Kanfer 56b; Kate Coxon 67.

A business meeting was held. The Treasurer reported that expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that 117 singers from eight states and two countries sang ninety-five songs with seventy-two leaders. The Resolutions committee thanked all who made the singing possible, and resolved to meet again next year.

The Officers led 62 as the closing song. David Fetcho offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Lindy Groening; Vice Chairman—Linda Selph; Secretary—Betty Marvin