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Keystone Sacred Harp Convention

Christiana Freight Railroad Station, Christiana, Pennsylvania

January 25-26, 2014

Saturday, January 25

The 16th annual Keystone Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in January. Liz Richner and Jessica Hostetler brought the class to order by leading 28b. Stephen Hoyt offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Barb Hohenstein 38t; Laura Densmore 313t; Lynne Hoyt 156; Leon Pulsinelle 33b; Lori Cabirac 348t; Chuck Gosselink 569b; Kirsten Jensen 107; Stephen Hoyt 68b; Anna Melton 159; Brian How 114; Susan Scott, daughter Carol, and granddaughter Greta 72b; Len VanderJagt 99; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 201; Carl Baron 268; Nancy Tkacs 84; Harry Scott 30t; Bethany Towne 173; Roland Hutchinson 524; Katie White 137; Ben Cocchiaro 270; Nancy Mandel 485; Jim Strube 571; Jessica Keyes 224; Jesse Krikorian 66; Jon Giles 151; Erin Kelly 138b; Sam Kleinman 464; Gina Balestracci 313b.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairpersons—Liz Richner and Jessica Hostetler; Treasurer—Doron Henkin; Secretary—Barb Hohenstein.


Alvaro Witt Duarte called the class back together by leading 312b. Leaders: Lamar Matthew 35; Ted Stokes 399t; Julia Seidenstein 290; Ben Bath 411; Ellen Lueck 495; Micah John Walter 455; Doron Henkin 492; Carol Huang 454; Lucas Husted 276; Adam Poole 457; Joel Bassett 447; Mary Helen Dupree 105; Matt Roberts 111b; Kevin Moreno 302; Alvaro Witt Duarte 528; Elizabeth Stoddard 546; Willis McCumber 26; Jean Seiler 472; Dean Jens 536; Ina Shea 121; Gerry Hoffman 315; Emma Rose Brown 42; Elizabeth Pilar 373; Terry Ryan 218; Philippa Stoddard 424; Oliver Kindig Stokes 534; Christina Wallin 171; Guy Bankes 273; Naomi Kaye 522. Stephen Hoyt offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Kimberly Haas opened the afternoon session leading 155. Leaders: Rachel Hall 189; Aldo Ceresa 500; Marilyn Murata 236; Katy Kanfer 340; Eric Xu 440; Gwen Gethner 183; Buell Cobb 72t; Jason Steidl 480; Anya Skibbie 47t; Ian Quinn 441; Angharad Davis 293; Chris Holley 376; Amanda Jokerst 277; Peter Golden 141; Paula Picton 410b; Robert Stoddard 362; Jesse C. Polhemus 91; Becky Wright 568; Christopher Wolf 122; Rachel Speer 296; Richard Schmeidler 254; Peter Pate 269; Deidra Montgomery 316; Laura Hodges 428; Randy Gaul 481; Tom Tucker 176t; Daniel Hunter 196. The chairman then introduced Buell Cobb, who spoke of past and present singers held dear by him. After a heartfelt singing of 277, the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 26

The Sunday session of the Keystone Sacred Harp Convention began with Jessica Hostetler leading 77b, and she welcomed everyone. Lamar Matthew offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Laura Densmore 228; Barb Hohenstein 43; Leon Pulsinelle 59; Ina Shea 58; Harry Scott 542; Lynne Hoyt 393; Guy Bankes 556; Elizabeth Pilar 349; Lamar Matthew 340; Bethany Towne 92; Brian How 86; Jean Seiler 142; Terry Ryan 280; Dean Jens 163t; Lori Cabirac 315; Stephen Hoyt 565; Kimberly Haas 225t; Gerry Hoffman 177; Kacey Stewart 282; Richard Schmeidler 543.


Aaron Weiss called the class to order leading 106. Leaders: Katie White 168; Gwen Gethner 411; Matt Roberts 82t; Paula Picton 171; Doron Henkin 193; Elizabeth Stoddard 124; Chris Holley 33t; Marilyn Murata 456; Alvaro Witt Duarte 477; Carol Huang 335; Aaron Weiss 438; Philippa Stoddard 203; Peter Golden 299; Angharad Davis 284; Jesse C. Polhemus 329; Christina Wallin 85.

Lamar Matthew and Buell Cobb conducted the memorial lesson. Lamar Matthew read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Delorese Lee, Cing, Rose Warnock, Chelsea Balestracci, Lee Baker, Jeffrey Kurtze, Ruth Wampler, Barb Ames, Skip Trout, Murielee Kurtze, Jack New, Jr., Avis New, Fumie Murata, Sue Sugimoto, and John Shaffer. He led 31t in their honor.

Buell Cobb spoke and read the list of deceased as follows: Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Voncile Nall, Tat Bailey, Josie Hyde, Myrtle Ann Beasley, and Bud Oliver—Alabama; John Weiss, Polly Hennenger, and Carroll Lunsford—California; Nancy Hebner—Delaware; Genny Whitworth and Eva Padgett—Florida; Carlene Griffin and Teenie Moody—Georgia; Kelly Day—Indiana; John Van Sorison—Maine; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; Barbara Hall—New Hampshire; Susan Weston—New Jersey; Diane Mennella, Charles Waide, and Peggy Trauger—New York; Stephen Murdock—Oregon; Bob Koenig, Don La Rosse, Bruce Sensenig, Don Richmond, and Evelyn Steinruck—Pennsylvania; Helen B. Petty—South Carolina; Shaery Bankston—Virginia; Pete Domachuk—New South Wales; Meron Aboud and Kimberly Aboud—Philippines. He led 339 in their memory. Doron Henkin closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Rachel Hall 134; Ian Quinn 41; Katy Kanfer, Amanda Jokerst, and Anya Skibbie 378b; Adam Poole 332; Deidra Montgomery 197; Sam Kleinman 512; Robert Stoddard 507; Naomi Kaye 496; Roland Hutchinson 553; Laura Hodges 562; Emma Rose Brown 56t; Christopher Wolf 77t; Lindsay Kruse 162; Tom Stokes 283. Lamar Matthew offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Chris Holley leading 105. Leaders: Suzan Greenberg 444; Mason Shefa 350; Becky Wright 73t; Graham Dezarn 308; Eric Xu 564; Gina Balestracci 430; Ted Stokes 272; Jason Steidl 297; Rachel Speer 298; Aldo Ceresa 550; Len VanderJagt 29t; Daniel Hunter 108t; Jason Law 481; Hal Kunkel 422; Willis McCumber 377; Peter Pate 163b; Leon Pulsinelle, Jean Haupert, Joseph Haupert, and Ann Bosch 183; Oliver Kindig Stokes 384; Liz Richner, Virginia Jones, Jessica Hostetler, and Miriam Hostetler 209; Buell Cobb 423; Anya Skibbie 288; Chris Holley 201; Katy Kanfer 70b; Peter Golden 46.


Peter Pate led 37b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Amanda Jokerst 146; Jesse C. Polhemus 440; Laura Hodges 448t; Alvaro Witt Duarte 81t; Elizabeth Stoddard 399b; Deidra Montgomery 129; Richard Schmeidler 474; Christina Wallin 138t; Emma Rose Brown 176b; Robert Stoddard 385t; Willis McCumber 462; Philippa Stoddard 275t.

Resolutions were offered by Harry Scott and included gratitude to Buell Cobb for his instruction and reading. Committee reports and final announcements were made. The convention officers led 347 as the closing song. Lamar Matthew offered the closing prayer.

Chairpersons—Liz Richner and Jessica Hostetler; Secretary—Barb Hohenstein