Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Duluth Singing

Friends Meeting House, Duluth, Minnesota

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The 3rd annual Duluth All-Day Singing was called to order by Leslie Williamson White and Bonnie Ambrosi leading 34b. Paul Waterman offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Paul Landskroener 473; Carol Crawford 510; Jane Wells 168; Lorraine Turner 178; Nathan Berry 56t; Barb Patterson 153; Eamonn O’Neill 480; Elise delMas 228; AnnaLeigh Smith and Kim Bahmer 290; Dick Patterson 56b; Eleanor Haase 142; Charles Wells 38b; Will Gilman 133; Jeanette Nelson 189; Kit Canright 48t; Claudia Egelhoff 203; Gerry Skerbitz 164; Stephanie Argo and Noelle Copeland 270; Alexa Copeland 445.


Charlie Obert called the class to order leading 29t. Leaders: Anna Pfau 182; the Duluth singers “Duluth” (by Karen Swenson); Jeff Bell 441; Kim Bahmer 340; Steve Luttinen 73t; Melissa Kelley 112; Alec Jenkins-White 282; Tasha Turk and Elise delMas 49b; Paul Wyatt 440; Mary Crawford and Carol Crawford 240; Hans Guttmann 37b; Stacey Berkheimer 70t; Joe Lindgren and Steve Luttinen 33b; Charlie Obert 70b; Noelle Copeland 81t; Richard Barnes 276; Karen Swenson 298; Matt Wells 196.


Will Gilman called the class to order leading 114. Leaders: Dick Patterson 300; Gerry Skerbitz 38t; Kit Canright 159; Elise delMas 522; Angie Payne 77t; Martha Henderson 212; Paul Landskroener 213b; Jim Crawford 472; Jeanette Nelson 47t; Nathan Berry 134. Paul Waterman offered grace before the noon meal.


Paul Wyatt called the afternoon session to order by leading 313t. Leaders: Melissa Kelley 430; Eleanor Haase 384; Steve Luttinen 532; Barb Patterson 485; Eamonn O’Neill 110; Carol Crawford 462; Jeff Bell 504; Claudia Egelhoff 383; Lorraine Turner 503; Cynthia Martz and Leslie Williamson White 86; Alec Jenkins-White 128; Alexa Copeland 102; Hans Guttmann 268; Mary Crawford 444; Bonnie Ambrosi 448b; Charlie Obert 481; Anna Pfau 163t; Stacey Berkheimer 556; Will Gilman 429.


Angie Payne led 32t to call the class back to order. Leaders: Matt Wells 183; Charles Wells 523; Martha Henderson 374; Leslie Williamson White 299; AnnaLeigh Smith and Dick Patterson 147t; Stephanie Argo and Anna Pfau 217; Joe Lindgren and Steve Luttinen 105; Noelle Copeland 477; Jim Crawford 546; Karen Swenson 492; Kim Bahmer 549; Angie Payne 31t; Jenny Koczur and Bonnie Ambrosi 106; Jeff Bell 30b; Claudia Egelhoff 548; Kit Canright 176t; Paul Landskroener 425.

The class bid each other a fond “Christian’s Farewell” as Leslie Williamson White and Bonnie Ambrosi led 347. Paul Waterman offered the closing prayer.

Co-chairpersons—Leslie Williamson White and Bonnie Ambrosi; Secretaries—Larry Spears, Lorraine Turner, and Bonnie Ambrosi