Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

Fayette, Alabama

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The annual Sacred Harp singing held at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church on the fourth Sunday in June was called to order by Larry Ballinger leading 31b. Buddy Ballinger offered the morning prayer.

After welcoming comments, the class organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Larry Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Chris Ballinger; Secretary—Amanda Hardiman; Arranging Committee—Buddy Ballinger and Gravis Ballinger.

Leaders: Larry Ballinger 101t; Gravis Ballinger 112; Sherry Stover and Allie Ballinger 35; Amanda Hardiman 155; Steve Adams 378t; David Ballinger, Whitney Ballinger, and James Hamilton Ballinger 340; Lomax Ballinger 61; Teresa Hope and Mellie Hope 460; Jimmy Ballinger 565; David White 405; Ann Jett and Julianna Jett 546; Nate Green and Norma Green 337; Phillip Ballinger 84; Jarrod Litton 225t; Case O’dell 124; Eddie Mash 434; Amber Davis 500; Jerry Kitchens 77t; Tory Colvin and Anna Litton 63; Will Thompson and David Ballinger 30t; Chris Ryan 56b; Shane Wootten 411 (in memory of Tom Harper); Johnny Humber 389; Ainslie Allen 142.


Chris Ballinger led 342 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Emily West, Jill Porter, and Ella Porter 222; Patrick Brady and Leslie Brady 47t; Barbara Cooley, Danny Cooley, and Mary Rose Cooley 45t; Charles Humber 480; Janet Litton, Brenda Robbins, and Beth Wallace 354b; Miranda Gilreath 32t; Albert Humber 313t; Joy Litton and Amelia O’dell 108t; Don Keeton 498; Cheyenne Ivey 430; Wendell Rinehart 31t.


Leon Ballinger led 186 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Chris Ballinger, Katie Ballinger, Lauren Ballinger, and Larry Ballinger 145t; Josh Ballinger, Lauren Ballinger, Jay Ballinger, and Katelyn Smith 68b; Leslie Brady, Sierra Brady, Julie Stough, Annslee Stough, Sophie Stough, and Riley Stough 39b; Nick Kelley 154; Kermit Adams 273; Jamey Wootten 440; Andrew Farris 178; Mike Hinton 475; Teresa Guyton 216; Mike Ballinger 111b; Cassie Allen 444 (for Toney Smith); Mike Hankins 490; Linda Sides 215; Marlin Beasley 278t; Betty Baccus and Brittany Posten 339.


The afternoon session began with Earl Ballinger leading 439. Leaders: Doug Wyers 47b; Michael Walker 447; Ottis Sides 530; Dru McGuire 569b; Karen Rollins 327; Darrell Swarens 198; Shannon Primm 550; Daniel Bearden 92; Loyd Ivey 89; Danny Creel 373; Arlon Gardner 277; Lena Keeton and Glenn Keeton 282, 349; Wayne Baines 298; Marty Wootten 99; Elene Stovall 192; Susan Cherones 209; Scott Kennedy 454; Richard Mauldin 66; Jack Pate 341; Rodney Ivey 422; Ken Tate 383; Warren Steel 70b; Scott Ivey 377; Bunk Beasley 72b; Lisa Geist 527; Linton Ballinger 299; Buddy Ballinger and Beth Wallace 442; Cindy Tanner 182; Larry Ballinger 528.

Following announcements, Larry Ballinger led 62 as the closing song. Earl Ballinger offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Larry Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Chris Ballinger; Secretary—Amanda Hardiman