Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Piccolo Spoleto Singing

Gage Hall, Charleston, South Carolina

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Robert Kelley provided a beginner’s lesson on Sacred Harp singing. Michael Walker called the class to order leading 33b. John Gentry offered the opening prayer. Tom Ivey welcomed everyone and led 112.

Leaders: Kathy Thom 551; John Gentry 421; Sharon Strong 24t; Erin Mills 38b; Gene Pinion 101t; Frank DeBolt 503; Michael Spencer 191; Chris Wilhelm 399t; Judy Mincey 468; Dave Farmer 107; Michael Thompson 436; Al McCready 339; Philippa Stoddard 411; Leslie Booher 473; Nathan Rees 462; Amy Armstrong 440; Isaac Iverson 163b; Melissa Prater 121; Elizabeth Stoddard 283; Emily Thompson 269.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Michael Walker; Vice Chairman—Tom Ivey; Secretaries—Mary Baumeister and Kathy Thom; Chaplain—John Gentry; Arranging Committee—Shannon Primm and Jane Spencer.


Tom Ivey brought the class back together by leading 32t. Leaders: Jonathon Smith 101b; Cleve Callison 344; John Plunkett 353; Carolyn Thompson 196; Ian Quinn 156; Robert Stoddard 309; Jane Spencer 349; Ariadne Zitsos 82t; Judith Parker 168; Shannon Primm 110; Michael Spencer 278t; Mary Baumeister 348b; Donna Smith 276; Robert Kelley 123t; Teri Jowers 235. John Gentry offered the prayer before lunch.


Michael Walker led 170 to bring the class to order and gave a brief introduction to Sacred Harp singing for newcomers to the afternoon session. Leaders: Tom Ivey 327; John Gentry 313b; Jonathon Smith 296; Holly Russell 178; Elizabeth Stoddard 546; Ian Quinn 432; Carolyn Thompson 507; Philippa Stoddard 522; Al McCready 155; Robert Stoddard 52b; Nathan Rees 336; Michael Thompson 426b; Rob Dillon 45t; Judy Mincey 475; Emily Thompson 128; Jane Spencer 382; Leslie Booher 81t; John Plunkett 297; Cleve Callison 299; Erin Mills 383; Dave Farmer 209; Teri Jowers 457; Michael Spencer 370.


Tom Ivey brought the class back to order by leading 501. Leaders: Judith Parker 274t; Isaac Iverson 47b; Amy Armstrong 384; Frank DeBolt 515; Donna Smith 142; Gene Pinion 267; Sharon Strong 456; Robert Kelley 291; Shannon Primm 42; Elizabeth Stoddard, Philippa Stoddard, and Robert Stoddard 213t; Nathan Rees and Jonathon Smith 359; Al McCready and Ian Quinn 452; Judy Mincey and Michael Thompson 111b; Amy Armstrong, Erin Mills, and John Plunkett 215; John Gentry, Judith Parker, Gene Pinion, and Donna Smith 63; Mary Baumeister, Dave Farmer, Teri Jowers, Robert Kelley, Holly Russell, and Chris Wilhelm 361; Rob Dillon, Gaye DuPre, George Gatgounis, Tom Ivey, and Sharon Strong 479.

After announcements were made, Tom Ivey and Michael Walker led 62 as the closing song. John Gentry dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Michael Walker; Vice Chairman—Tom Ivey; Secretaries—Mary Baumeister and Kathy Thom