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New York State Regional All-Day Singing

Mennonite Meetinghouse, Rochester, New York

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Rochester Regional All-Day Singing was called to order by Thom Metzger leading 34b. The opening prayer was offered Eileen Metzger.

Leaders: Chuck Crawford 106; Katie White 377; Chris Haller 351; Lucy Roberts 129; Jerusha Wheeler 81t; Jan May 287; Gerry Hoffman 61; Pleasance Crawford 289; Dave James 312b; Helen Haller 344; Dennis Leipold 38b; Gillian Inksetter 217; Bob Wheeler 155; Melody Johnson 490 (dedicated to a friend); Jean Seiler 168; Ron Bornick 84; Ginny Huszagh 300; Barbara Swetman 236; Thom Metzger 274t; Margaret Bornick 455.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-Chairpersons—Thom Metzger and Eileen Metzger; Registrar—Wayne Westcott; Arranging Officer—Eileen Metzger; Chaplain—Eileen Metzger; Kitchen—Helen Haller; Secretary—Sue Hengelsberg.


Pleasance Crawford reconvened the class by leading 77b. Leaders: Sue Hengelsberg 504; Anne Weaver 198; Eileen Metzger 101b; Chuck Crawford 324; Katie White 171; Chris Haller 122; Lucy Roberts 189; Jerusha Wheeler 148; Jan May 474; Thom Metzger 63; Colleen Liggett 107 (for Sue DeV., who is having a “taxing” day); Gerry Hoffman 501; Pleasance Crawford 389; Dave James 163t (for his brother); Dennis Leipold 187; Gillian Inksetter 485; Katie Reemers 48t; Bob Wheeler 68b; Melody Johnson 270; Jean Seiler 273. Eileen Metzger offered prayer before our shared meal.


Gillian Inksetter led 32t to bring the afternoon session to order. Leaders: Ginny Huszagh 269; Ron Bornick 454; Barbara Swetman 546; Margaret Bornick 178; Thom Metzger 99; Sue Hengelsberg 31t; Eileen Metzger 245; Anne Weaver 159; Chuck Crawford 314; Jerusha Wheeler 315; Jan May 540; Pleasance Crawford 468; Dave James 29t; Gillian Inksetter 196; Bob Wheeler 86. Announcements were made.


Bob Wheeler recalled the class by leading 40. Leaders: Katie White 547; Mitzie Collins 223; Helen Haller 306; Colleen Liggett 486; Melody Johnson 218; Jean Seiler 142; Gerry Hoffman 272; Lucy Roberts 313b; Ginny Huszagh 299; Dennis Leipold 64; Ron Bornick 334; Barbara Swetman “Ten Thousand Charms”; Margaret Bornick 209.


Gerry Hoffman led 133 to reconvene the class. Leaders: Jan May 276; Chuck Crawford 66; Pleasance Crawford 184; Gillian Inksetter 327; Mitzie Collins 481; David James 101t; Anne Weaver 277; Jerusha Wheeler 183; Katie White 112 (in memory of a 92-year-old friend, who played the saw); Melody Johnson 335; Bob Wheeler 569b; Gerry Hoffman 569t.

Thom Metzger led 347 as the closing song. Eileen Metzger dismissed the class with a prayer for a safe journey home.

There were over 40 attendees from Canada, Pennsylvania, and various parts of New York State.

Co-Chairpersons—Thom Metzger and Eileen Metzger; Secretary—Sue Hengelsberg