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Iowa All-Day Singing

Lower Blue Point Church, Grinnell, Iowa

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The 12th annual Iowa All-Day Singing was called to order by Bruce Voyles leading 34b. Michael Moore offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Martha Pinder 139; Bryan Davis 284; Sharla Hulsey 31t; Bruce Western 127; Annie Grieshop 186; Eric Saylor 84; Linda Selph 58; Paul Landskroener 114; Penny Kujawinski 142; James Page 272; Karen Swenson 117; Carl Houtman 268; Jan Ketelle 38b; Will Fitzgerald 34t; Donnie Simmet 480; Bonnie Davis 210.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bruce Voyles; Vice Chairman—Bryan Davis; Secretary—Annie Grieshop.


Bruce Voyles called the class to order leading 68b. Leaders: Michael Moore 40; Sharla Hulsey 112; Lou Kujawinski 66; Brad Sparks and Laura Krossner 49t; Tammy Yoder 146; Bruce Western 86; Charlotte Baldwin and Scott Kalberer 551.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Michael Moore, who read from the “Wisdom of Solomon” and asked the class to keep in mind the words “all”, “one” and “remember” before reading the following names of the deceased: Dora Miller, E.C. Marriner, Carl and Wanda Wehner, Lewis Hummel, Lois Thomas Adams—Iowa; Nancy Yeager—Georgia; Bob Anderson—Wisconsin; Dominic Ziegler—California; Dean Davidson—Oklahoma; Richard Hayes—New York; Joan Fritz—Minnesota; Wayne Kempf—Nebraska; Jake Adam York—Colorado; Dayle Irwin—Illinois. Paul Landskroener led 460.

Michael Moore then spoke on behalf of the following sick and shut-ins: Bob Scorgie, Bess Fitzgerald, Loraine Bayer, Charlie Derleth, Julie Vea, Bonnie McCrea, Betsy Pilkington, Ann Stillman, and Devery Corteville. Paul Landskroener led 28b. Michael Moore closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Gaile Gallatin 159; James Page 334; Callie Garnett 566. Announcements were made. Michael Moore offered a blessing for the meal.


Bruce Voyles led 163b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Linda Hellerich and Karen Swenson 457; Carl Houtman 148; Jan Ketelle 212; Linda Selph 430; Eric Saylor 300; Shannon Brunnell and Karen Swenson 47b; Donnie Simmet 163t; Penny Kujawinski 448t; Will Fitzgerald 498; Tammy Yoder and Linda Selph 178; Michael Moore 99; Brad Sparks and Laura Krossner 107; Gaile Gallatin and Annie Grieshop 496 (in memory of Dora Miller); Lou Kujawinski 216; Karen Swenson 183.


Bryan Davis called the class back to order by leading 106. Leaders: Bruce Voyles 236; Martha Pinder 56b; Paul Landskroener 213b; Linda Selph 217; Michael Moore 487; Bonnie Davis 283; James Page 188; Sharla Hulsey 198; Will Fitzgerald 29t; Jan Ketelle 200; Lou Kujawinski 228; Karen Swenson 528; Carl Houtman 49b; Bruce Western 417; Penny Kujawinski 440; Eric Saylor 361; Bonnie Davis 30t; Paul Landskroener 299; Michael Moore 276; Sharla Hulsey 35; Martha Pinder 503; Eric Saylor 339; Will Fitzgerald 52b (for Bess Fitzgerald); Tammy Yoder 282; Bryan Davis 335; Linda Selph 144; Paul Landskroener 472.

Bruce Voyles led 347 as the closing song. Michael Moore dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Bruce Voyles; Vice Chairman—Bryan Davis; Secretary—Annie Grieshop