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Baylor University Sacred Harp Singing

George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Waco, Texas

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The 12th annual Baylor University Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Great Hall of the George W. Truett Theological Seminary on the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas. Donald Ross gave a few introductory remarks about Sacred Harp, and conducted a singing school prior to the start of the singing. Dr. David Music called the class together leading 59. Bill Patterson offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed: Chairman—Dr. David Music; Secretary—Tammy Powell.

Leaders: Tammy Powell 503; Donald Ross 350; Mike Hinton 146; Diane Ross 299; Priscilla Wiggins 31t; Gaylon Powell 546; Jerry Ryan 343; Pete Mathewson 313b; Bruce Coates 34t; Jonathan Pendleton 388; Carter Cook 142; Karl Utz 63; Ron Ryan 323t; Tollie Lee 164; Sonny Erwin 454; Silas Huckaby 421; Stephen Cowden 479; Kristie Powell 500; Kris Wiggins 236; Jill Sims and Stephanie Metler 159; David Music and students 128; David Music, Michelle Henry, and students 34b.


Dr. David Music and Megan Talley brought the class back to order leading 99. Leaders: Ben Brown 155; Leon Ballinger 383; Susie Mathewson 145b; Linda Booker 494; Brian Sears 569t; Vickie Cook 335; Kyle Hearn 39t; Jo Pendleton 72b; Sarah Huckaby 428; Robert Vaughn 483; Crystal Meadows 198; Ron Bernucho 268; Ben Copenhaver 227; Dr. Randle Bradley 85.

Announcements were made. Stephen Cowden offered the noon prayer.


Dr. David Music and students called the class back together by leading 334. Leaders: Tammy Powell 178; Don Ross 475; Mike Hinton 480; Diane Ross 112; Priscilla Wiggins 162; Lucy Murphy 35; Gaylon Powell 564; Jerry Ryan 145t; Pete Mathewson 565; Bruce Coates 515; Carter Cook 168; Karl Utz 502; Ron Ryan 82b; Tollie Lee 104; Sonny Erwin 441; Susie Mathewson 68b; Kristie Powell 498; Silas Huckaby 401; Kris Wiggins 192; Ben Brown 106; Megan Talley 126; Tollie Lee 551.


Leon Ballinger led 490 to call the class to order. Leaders: Ben Copenhaver 147b; Jo Pendleton 566; Kathryn Brown 376; Linda Booker 39b; Elsie Ritchie 178; Brian Sears 276; Vickie Cook 163b; Kyle Hearn 282; Ron Bernucho 47b; Carter Cook 300; Susie Mathewson 84; Pete Mathewson 489; Brain Sears 32t; Dr. David Music 40.

Gaylon Powell and Kirby Presley led 457 as the closing song. Megan Talley offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Dr. David Music; Secretary—Tammy Powell