Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Feast and FaSoLa

Home of Mark and Lori Graber, Delavan, Illinois

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The annual Feast and FaSoLa Singing held on the fourth Saturday of January was called to order by Peggy Brayfield, who led 63.

Leaders: Terry Hogg 49t; Don Bardsley 311; Jonathon Smith 101t; Presley Barker 313b; Janet Fraembs 312b; Martha Tyner 147t; Peggy Brayfield 178; Lori Graber 155; Mark Graber 59; Catie Peck and Don Bardsley 324; Terry Hogg 523; Jonathon Smith 186; Presley Barker 276; Janet Fraembs 481; Martha Tyner and Summer Lin 146.


Peggy Brayfield called the class back to order leading 551. Martha Tyner presented an introduction to Sacred Harp singing and its traditions.

Leaders: Lori Graber 474; Mark Graber 40; Robert Durgin 503; Matthew Knight 457; Jeremy Day-O’Connell and Stephanie Hawes 81t; Terry Hogg 569b; Don Bardsley 236; Jonathon Smith 215; Presley Barker 277; Janet Fraembs 209; Sarah Day-O’Connell and Josh Brownel 294; Martha Tyner 479. Mark Graber offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Ryan Burnley leading 451. Leaders: Presley Barker and Alison Gaines 282; Peggy Brayfield and Mary Jean McGuire 47b; Sarah Day-O’Connell and the children in attendance 46; Jeremy Day-O’Connell 47t; Don Bardsley 145b; Jonathon Smith 196; Terry Hogg 29t; William Hope 61; Presley Barker and Scot Shuiter 77t; Janet Fraembs 532; Martha Tyner 84; Peggy Brayfield 504; Lori Graber 142; Mark Graber 34b; Matthew Knight 36b; Stephanie Hawes and Don Bardsley 268.


A short business meeting was held. Leaders: Peggy Brayfield 148; Lori Graber 111t; Mark Graber 28t; Terry Hogg 489 (in memory of Lee Steinmetz); Jonathon Smith 159; Don Bardsley 454; Jeremy Day- O’Connell and Stephanie Hawes 285b; Janet Fraembs 163b; Presley Barker 39t; Sarah Day-O’Connell and Catie Peck 448t; Martha Tyner 112; Peggy Brayfield 284.

Following announcements and thanks to the hosts, food providers, and visitors from Knox College, Lori Graber led 347. Don Bardsley offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Lori Graber; Secretary—Mark Graber